Sample IF Ratings®

FoodSvg SizeSvg (g)IF Rating
Acerola cherries1/2 cup49347
Alfalfa sprouts1/2 cup241
Apple juice1/2 cup121-12
Apple, with skin1/2 cup55-9
Apples, dried1/4 cup22-49
Applesauce, unsweetened1/2 cup122-15
Apricots, dried1/4 cup32-56
Artichoke, cooked1/2 cup843
Arugula, raw1 cup2012
Asparagus, cooked1/2 cup9038
Avocado, fresh1/2 cup7557
Banana, fresh1/2 cup75-38
Bean sprouts (mung)1/2 cup521
Beans, green, cooked1/2 cup631
Beet greens, cooked1/2 cup72138
Beets, raw1/2 cup68-1
Blackberries, fresh1/2 cup724
Blueberries, fresh1/2 cup75-15
Broccoli raab, cooked1/2 cup3341
Broccoli, cooked1/2 cup7860
Broccoli, raw1/2 cup4426
Brussels sprouts, cooked1/2 cup7640
Cabbage, chinese, cooked1/2 cup8557
Cabbage, chinese, raw1/2 cup3530
Cabbage, green, cooked1/2 cup7523
Cabbage, green, raw1/2 cup4010
Cabbage, red, cooked1/2 cup753
Cabbage, red, raw1/2 cup4012
Cantaloupe, fresh1/2 cup8538
Carrots, baby, raw1/2 cup60104
Carrots, cooked1/2 cup78164
Carrots, raw1/2 cup60122
Cauliflower, cooked1/2 cup629
Cauliflower, raw1/2 cup539
Celery, raw1/2 cup507
Chard, Swiss, cooked1/2 cup88122
Chard, Swiss, raw1 cup3688
Collards, cooked1/2 cup95162
Corn, frozen1/2 cup82-42
Cranberries, dried, sweetened1/4 cup30-98
Cucumber, raw1/2 cup520
Dandelion greens, raw1 cup55154
Edamame, frozen1/2 cup7732
French fries, frozen1/2 cup78-51
Grapefruit juice, fresh1/2 cup121-3
Grapefruit, red 1/2 cup11510
Grapefruit, white1/2 cup1151
Honeydew, fresh1/2 cup85-3
Kale, cooked1/2 cup65220
Kale, raw1 cup67215
Kiwi, fresh1/2 cup9017
Leeks, cooked1/2 cup5268
Lemon juice, fresh1/2 cup12117
Lemon, fresh, without peel1/2 cup10610
Lettuce, bibb1 cup5537
Lettuce, green leaf1 cup3643
Lettuce, iceberg1 cup606
Lettuce, radicchio1 cup2010
Lettuce, red leaf1 cup28.3535
Lettuce, romaine1 cup4770
Lime juice, fresh1/2 cup1217
Lime, fresh1/2 cup1063
Mushrooms, brown1/2 cup806
Mushrooms, portabella1/2 cup431
Mustard greens, cooked1/2 cup70174
Nectarine, fresh1/2 cup72-12
Onion rings, frozen1/2 cup24-37
Onions, cooked1/2 cup105240
Onions, raw1/2 cup125292
Orange juice, fresh1/2 cup1213
Orange, fresh1/2 cup906
Peas, raw1/2 cup726
Peas, sugar snap, raw1/2 cup329
Pepper, green, raw1/2 cup7524
Pepper, red, raw1/2 cup4642
Pepper, yellow, raw1/2 cup7552
Plantains, fried1/2 cup85-123
Potato, baked1/2 cup78-47
Pumpkin, canned1/2 cup123180
Pumpkin, raw1/2 cup8888
Purslane, cooked1/2 cup588
Spinach raw1 cup3075
Squash, butternut, baked1/2 cup103139
Squash, summer, cooked1/2 cup900
Squash, winter, baked1/2 cup10358
Strawberries, fresh1/2 cup7514
Tomato, raw1/2 cup9010
Basil, fresh1 Tbsp2.64
Chives, raw1 Tbsp311
Garlic, raw1 Tbsp6215
Ginger root, raw1 Tbsp6387
Turmeric1/2 Tsp1.5147
Cheese, cheddar1 ounce28.35-20
Cheese, feta1 ounce28.35-17
Cheese, parmesan, hard1 ounce28.35-6
Cottage cheese, reduced fat (2%)1/2 cup113-8
Milk, fat free (skim)1 cup246-14
Milk, goat1 cup244-57
Milk, whole1 cup246-46
Rice milk1 cup24617
Soymilk, plain, light 1 cup246-37
Yogurt, low fat, fruit1 cup226-145
Yogurt, whole milk, plain1 cup226-57
Yogurt, Greek, plain, nonfat1 cup224-30
Bass, fresh water, raw3 ounces85139
Clams, raw3 ounces8563
Herring, Atlantic, pickled3 ounces85697
Mahimahi, baked3 ounces85101
Oysters, eastern, wild, raw3 ounces85222
Sablefish, baked3 ounces85703
Salmon, Atlantic, wild, raw3 ounces85386
Salmon, coho, wild, baked3 ounces85450
Salmon, sockeye, canned, drained3 ounces85528
Sea bass, baked3 ounces85348
Shrimp, steamed3 ounces8595
Tuna, light, in oil, drained3 ounces85111
Tuna, light, in water, drained3 ounces85123
Tuna, white, in oil, drained3 ounces85132
Tuna, white, in water, drained3 ounces85346
Chicken, breast, fried3 ounces85-40
Chicken, breast, roasted3 ounces85-19
Chicken, thigh, stewed3 ounces85-59
Egg, whole2 ounces56.7-62
Turkey, light meat, roasted, w/o skin3 ounces85-7
Chicken, thigh, BBQ3 ounces85-9
Beef, ground, 70% lean, broiled3 ounces85-1
Beef, ground, 75% lean, broiled3 ounces85-1
Beef, ground, 80% lean, broiled3 ounces85-2
Beef, tenderloin, broiled3 ounces858
Bison, ground, cooked3 ounces852
Bison, ribeye, broiled3 ounces8521
Pork, ground, 72% lean, cooked3 ounces85-68
Pork, ground, 96% lean, cooked3 ounces85-43
Pork, loin, center loin, braised3 ounces85-50
Pork, tenderloin, roasted3 ounces85-16
Soyburger3 ounces85-4
Almond butter1/4 cup64100
Almonds, raw1/4 cup3667
Cashews, dry-roasted1/4 cup3427
Chia seeds1 ounce28.3510
Coconut, raw1/4 cup20-56
Flaxseed, whole1/4 cup4239
Hazelnuts (filberts)1/4 cup33125
Lentils, dried, cooked1 cup198-15
Miso2 Tbsp34-26
Peanut butter, crunchy2 Tbsp3218
Pecans, raw1/4 cup2546
Pine nuts, dried1/4 cup35-51
Pumpkin seed kernels, dried1/4 cup32-68
Soybeans, dry roasted1 cup93-72
Sunflower kernels, dry-roasted1/4 cup32-48
Tofu, firm1/2 cup126-22
Mixed nuts, oil-roasted, less salt1/4 cup3537
Tofu, silken 1/2 cup125-21
Butter, salted1 Tbsp14-20
Lard1 Tbsp13-3
Mayonnaise, Sm. Balance Omega Plus Light1 Tbsp1515
Oil, almond1 Tbsp1464
Oil, avocado1 Tbsp1468
Oil, canola1 Tbsp1480
Oil, corn1 Tbsp14-50
Oil, flaxseed1 Tbsp1413
Oil, olive1 Tbsp1474
Oil, peanut1 Tbsp14-3
Oil, sesame1 Tbsp14-21
Oil, soybean1 Tbsp14-38
Oil, walnut1 Tbsp14-25
Tea seed oil1 Tbsp1473
Cheerios1 cup28.3545
Couscous, cooked1 cup157-98
Fiber One1/2 cup30-11
Kamut, cooked1 cup172-90
Kashi GoLean1 cup52-93
Millet, cooked1 cup174-150
Oat bran, cooked1 cup219-43
Post 100% Bran1/2 cup42-6
Raisin Bran 1 cup59-87
Rice, brown, long-grain, cooked1 cup195-143
Rice, white, long-grain, cooked1 cup158-153
Spaghetti, cooked1 cup140-124
Spelt, cooked1 cup194-142
Wheat bran1/3 cup196
White flour, all-purpose, bleached1/3 cup42-142
Whole wheat flour1/3 cup40-89
Bread, multi-grain1 ounce28.35-34
Bread, pita, whole wheat1 ounce28.35-47
Bread, wheat 1 ounce28.35-48
Bread, white 1 ounce28.35-54
Tortilla, corn1 ounce28.35-47
Tortilla, flour1 ounce28.35-51
Coffee, brewed8 ounces2371
Cola8 ounces237-28
Dr. Pepper8 ounces237-31
Espresso1 ounce300
Ginger ale8 ounces237-18
Red Bull8 ounces237-33
Tea, brewed8 ounces2372
Bolthouse Farms Smoothie, Green8 ounces23743
Aspartame (Equal)1 Packet1-5
Olives, green1 Tbsp97
Sucralose (Splenda)1 Packet1-4
Sugar, brown1 Tbsp15-77
Vinegar, cider1 Tbsp150
Agave nectar1 Tbsp21-74
Popcorn, air-popped1 ounce28.35-89
Salsa1/2 cup130-13
Sunchips, multigrain1 ounce28.35-63
Burger King double cheeseburger1 sandwich162-171

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