Anti-Inflammatory Diet Seminar

More and more people now recognize the importance of an anti-inflammatory diet in lowering the risk of degenerative disease, reducing pain, and promoting general wellness and successful aging. The science on diet and inflammation, however, is complex and continually evolving.

For those attempting to follow (or prescribe) an anti-inflammatory diet, there is a lot of contradictory information about which foods are pro- or anti-inflammatory. Even if you are familiar with the research and rationale underlying the IF RatingTM system, you may have come across ratings that seem counter-intuitive or have other unanswered questions about anti-inflammatory diets.

Monica Reinagel, MS, LDN, author of The Inflammation Free Diet Plan

In this 75-minute video seminar, licensed nutritionist and author Monica Reinagel, MS, LDN, explains:

  • The role of inflammation in health and disease
  • Current evidence on how nutrients affect inflammatory responses
  • Common myths and misunderstandings about how foods affect inflammation in the body
  • How the IF Ratings of foods are derived (including recent updates to the formula)
  • How to use the ratings to manage the inflammatory effects of diet
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

Course materials include:

  • Unlimited viewing of the video seminar
  • Session handouts
  • Annotated research bibliography
  • Anti-inflammatory recipe collection
  • Complete listing of IF Ratings for 2,400 common foods, including lifetime updates

Cost: $20

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