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Serving Size
Weight (g)
IF Rating
Acerola cherries1/2 cup49342
Acerola juice, fresh1/2 cup121817
Alfalfa sprouts1/2 cup241
Amaranth leaves, cooked1/2 cup667
Apple and grape juice blend1/2 cup121-14
Apple juice1/2 cup121-12
Apple, grape, pear juice blend1/2 cup121-5
Apple, peeled1/2 cup55-10
Apple, with skin1/2 cup55-9
Apples, dried1/4 cup22-49
Applesauce, sweetened1/2 cup122-41
Applesauce, unsweetened1/2 cup122-15
Apricot nectar1/2 cup121-9
Apricots, dried1/4 cup32-56
Apricots, fresh1/2 cup782
Apricots, in heavy syrup1/2 cup129-47
Apricots, in juice1/2 cup122-1
Apricots, in light syrup1/2 cup126-22
Apricots, in syrup, drained1/2 cup110-14
Artichoke, cooked1/2 cup843
Artichoke, Jerusalem, raw1/2 cup75-37
Artichoke, raw1/2 cup66-2
Arugula, raw1 cup2011
Asparagus, canned1/2 cup12134
Asparagus, cooked1/2 cup9038
Asparagus, raw1 cup13421
Avocado, fresh1/2 cup7557
Bamboo shoots, canned1/2 cup65-9
Banana, fresh1/2 cup75-38
Bean sprouts (mung)1/2 cup521
Beans, green, canned1/2 cup763
Beans, green, cooked1/2 cup631
Beans, green, frozen1/2 cup601
Beans, green, raw1/2 cup502
Beans, yellow, canned1/2 cup127-2
Beans, yellow, cooked1/2 cup63-3
Beet greens, cooked1/2 cup72136
Beet greens, raw1 cup3963
Beets, canned1/2 cup80-6
Beets, cooked1/2 cup85-9
Beets, Harvard, canned1/2 cup123-47
Beets, pickled, canned1/2 cup113-34
Beets, raw1/2 cup68-1
Blackberries, fresh1/2 cup724
Blackberries, frozen1/2 cup75-12
Blackberries, in heavy syrup1/2 cup128-65
Blackberry juice, canned1/2 cup1211
Blueberries, fresh1/2 cup75-15
Blueberries, frozen1/2 cup75-8
Blueberries, frozen, sweetened1/2 cup75-34
Blueberries, in heavy syrup1/2 cup125-70
Blueberries, in syrup, drained1/2 cup122-65
Blueberries, wild, frozen1/2 cup70-3
Boysenberries, frozen1/2 cup116-4
Boysenberries, in heavy syrup1/2 cup128-65
Breadfruit, fresh1/2 cup110-57
Broccoli raab, cooked1/2 cup3340
Broccoli raab, raw1/2 cup2018
Broccoli, chinese, cooked1/2 cup4426
Broccoli, cooked1/2 cup7860
Broccoli, frozen1/2 cup7839
Broccoli, raw1/2 cup4426
Brussels sprouts, cooked1/2 cup7640
Brussels sprouts, raw1/2 cup4430
Burdock root, cooked1/2 cup62-37
Burdock root, raw1/2 cup69-27
Cabbage, chinese, cooked1/2 cup8557
Cabbage, chinese, raw1/2 cup3530
Cabbage, green, cooked1/2 cup7523
Cabbage, green, raw1/2 cup4010
Cabbage, red, cooked1/2 cup753
Cabbage, red, raw1/2 cup4012
Cabbage, savoy, cooked1/2 cup750
Cabbage, savoy, raw1/2 cup3513
Cantaloupe, fresh1/2 cup8537
Carrot juice, canned1/2 cup118212
Carrots, baby, raw1/2 cup6078
Carrots, canned1/2 cup7379
Carrots, cooked1/2 cup78130
Carrots, frozen1/2 cup6490
Carrots, raw1/2 cup6098
Casaba, fresh1/2 cup85-5
Cassava, raw1/2 cup103-136
Cauliflower, cooked1/2 cup629
Cauliflower, frozen1/2 cup6613
Cauliflower, green, cooked1/2 cup6212
Cauliflower, green, raw1/2 cup3211
Cauliflower, raw1/2 cup539
Celery root, cooked1/2 cup78-12
Celery root, raw1/2 cup78-10
Celery, cooked1/2 cup759
Celery, raw1/2 cup507
Chard, Swiss, cooked1/2 cup88121
Chard, Swiss, raw1 cup3688
Cherimoya, fresh1/2 cup80-30
Cherries, frozen, sweetened1/2 cup125-76
Cherries, maraschino1/2 cup90-122
Cherries, sour, fresh1/2 cup52-3
Cherries, sour, frozen1/2 cup77-9
Cherries, sour, in heavy syrup1/2 cup128-71
Cherries, sour, in light syrup1/2 cup126-63
Cherries, sweet, fresh1/2 cup77-26
Cherries, sweet, in heavy syrup1/2 cup125-64
Cherries, sweet, in juice1/2 cup125-38
Cherries, sweet, in light syrup1/2 cup125-45
Cherries, sweet, in syrup, drained1/2 cup90-43
Chicory greens, raw1 cup2943
Chili pepper, banana, raw1/4 cup31654
Chili pepper, hot, raw1/4 cup381024
Chili pepper, hot, sun-dried1/4 cup91366
Chili pepper, Hungarian, raw1/4 cup31659
Chili pepper, jalapeno, canned1/4 cup25479
Chili pepper, jalapeno, raw1/4 cup31825
Chili pepper, serrano, raw1/4 cup311556
Chili peppers, green, canned1/4 cup35551
Chili peppers, hot, canned1/4 cup34701
Clementine, fresh1/2 cup98-1
Collards, cooked1/2 cup95159
Collards, frozen1 cup3645
Collards, raw1 cup3662
Corn, canned1/2 cup82-36
Corn, cooked1/2 cup128-76
Corn, creamed, canned1/2 cup128-56
Corn, frozen1/2 cup82-42
Corn, raw1/2 cup127-58
Cowpeas, cooked1/2 cup83-14
Cowpeas, frozen1/2 cup80-29
Cowpeas, raw1/2 cup73-12
Cranberries, dried, sweetened1/4 cup30-98
Cranberries, fresh1/2 cup50-2
Cranberry juice, unsweetened1/2 cup121-22
Cranberry sauce1/2 cup138-177
Cucumber, peeled1/2 cup601
Cucumber, raw1/2 cup520
Currants, black, fresh1/2 cup6620
Currants, dried1/4 cup36-104
Currants, red, fresh1/2 cup66-5
Dandelion greens, cooked1/2 cup53131
Dandelion greens, raw1 cup55150
Dates, medjool1/4 cup40-116
Edamame, frozen1/2 cup7732
Eggplant, cooked1/2 cup50-5
Eggplant, raw1/2 cup41-2
Elderberries, fresh1/2 cup72-6
Endive, Belgian, raw1/2 cup450
Endive, curly, raw1 cup5047
Epazote, raw1/2 cup63
Fennel, raw1/2 cup448
Fiddlehead ferns, frozen1/2 cup7015
Fiddlehead ferns, raw1/2 cup7021
Figs, dried1/4 cup38-82
Figs, fresh1/2 cup78-31
French fries, frozen1/2 cup78-51
Fruit cocktail, in heavy syrup1/2 cup120-49
Fruit cocktail, in juice1/2 cup120-20
Fruit cocktail, in light syrup1/2 cup120-32
Gooseberries, fresh1/2 cup75-3
Gooseberries, in light syrup1/2 cup126-49
Grape juice1/2 cup121-30
Grape leaves, raw1/2 cup725
Grapefruit juice1/2 cup121-7
Grapefruit juice, fresh1/2 cup121-3
Grapefruit juice, sweetened1/2 cup121-17
Grapefruit, canned, in juice1/2 cup125-6
Grapefruit, canned, in light syrup1/2 cup125-33
Grapefruit, red 1/2 cup1159
Grapefruit, white1/2 cup1151
Grapes, fresh1/2 cup75-30
Grapes, muscadine1/2 cup75-16
Guanabana nectar1/2 cup121-28
Guava nectar1/2 cup121-19
Guava, fresh1/2 cup8366
Hearts of palm, canned1/2 cup73-4
Hominy, white, canned1/2 cup82-32
Hominy, yellow, canned1/2 cup82-32
Honeydew, fresh1/2 cup85-3
Jackfruit, fresh1/2 cup83-48
Jicama, cooked1/2 cup60-8
Jicama, raw1/2 cup601
Kale, cooked1/2 cup65204
Kale, frozen1/2 cup65203
Kale, raw1 cup67213
Kelp, raw1/2 cup497
Kiwi, fresh1/2 cup9017
Kohlrabi, cooked1/2 cup834
Kohlrabi, raw1/2 cup7210
Kumquat, fresh1/2 cup90-9
Lambsquarters, cooked1/2 cup90175
Lambsquarters, raw1 cup305
Leeks, cooked1/2 cup5268
Leeks, raw1/2 cup45116
Lemon grass1/2 cup33-20
Lemon juice, bottled1/2 cup1218
Lemon juice, fresh1/2 cup12117
Lemon, fresh, without peel1/2 cup1069
Lemon, with peel1/2 cup10614
Lettuce, bibb1 cup5536
Lettuce, green leaf1 cup3642
Lettuce, iceberg1 cup606
Lettuce, radicchio1 cup2010
Lettuce, red leaf1 cup2834
Lettuce, romaine1 cup4769
Lima beans, cooked1/2 cup85-45
Lima beans, fordhook, frozen1/2 cup80-29
Lima beans, frozen1/2 cup82-52
Lima beans, raw1/2 cup78-29
Lime juice, bottled1/2 cup1212
Lime juice, fresh1/2 cup1217
Lime, fresh1/2 cup1063
Litchis, dried1/4 cup40-82
Litchis, fresh1/2 cup80-6
Loganberries, frozen1/2 cup73-8
Mango nectar1/2 cup121-7
Mango, fresh1/2 cup834
Mangosteen, in syrup1/2 cup108-34
Mulberries, fresh1/2 cup70-6
Mushrooms, brown1/2 cup806
Mushrooms, canned1/2 cup78-9
Mushrooms, enoki1/2 cup32-4
Mushrooms, maitake1/2 cup35-5
Mushrooms, oyster1/2 cup43-5
Mushrooms, portabella1/2 cup431
Mushrooms, portabella, grilled1/2 cup600
Mushrooms, shiitake1/2 cup50-5
Mushrooms, shiitake, cooked1/2 cup73-6
Mushrooms, straw, canned1/2 cup61-2
Mushrooms, white1/2 cup35-3
Mustard greens, cooked1/2 cup70172
Mustard greens, frozen1 cup14633
Mustard greens, raw1 cup5659
Nectarine, fresh1/2 cup72-13
Nopales, cooked1/2 cup75-2
Nopales, raw1/2 cup430
Okra, cooked1/2 cup8010
Okra, frozen1/2 cup5015
Okra, raw1/2 cup509
Onion rings, frozen1/2 cup24-37
Onions, cooked1/2 cup105240
Onions, frozen1/2 cup125301
Onions, raw1/2 cup125292
Onions, sweet, raw1/2 cup125299
Orange and grapefruit juice blend1/2 cup121-12
Orange juice1/2 cup121-3
Orange juice, fresh1/2 cup1211
Orange, fresh1/2 cup905
Orange, with peel1/2 cup853
Papaya nectar1/2 cup121-28
Papaya, fresh1/2 cup7015
Parsnips, cooked1/2 cup78-17
Parsnips, raw1/2 cup66-8
Passionfruit juice, purple, fresh1/2 cup121-7
Passionfruit juice, yellow, fresh1/2 cup121-24
Passionfruit, fresh1/2 cup118-18
Peach nectar1/2 cup121-19
Peach, fresh1/2 cup77-10
Peaches, dried1/4 cup40-76
Peaches, frozen, sweetened1/2 cup125-28
Peaches, in heavy syrup1/2 cup125-54
Peaches, in juice1/2 cup125-22
Peaches, in light syrup1/2 cup125-30
Peaches, in syrup, drained1/2 cup111-39
Pear nectar1/2 cup121-21
Pear, asian1/2 cup70-7
Pear, Bartlett, fresh1/2 cup70-14
Pears, dried1/4 cup45-114
Pears, in heavy syrup1/2 cup125-49
Pears, in juice1/2 cup125-26
Pears, in light syrup1/2 cup125-31
Pears, in syrup, drained1/2 cup100-36
Peas, canned1/2 cup88-4
Peas, cooked1/2 cup80-3
Peas, frozen1/2 cup679
Peas, pigeon, cooked1/2 cup72-18
Peas, pigeon, raw1/2 cup76-19
Peas, raw1/2 cup726
Peas, sugar snap, cooked1/2 cup8017
Peas, sugar snap, frozen1/2 cup72-4
Peas, sugar snap, raw1/2 cup329
Pepper, green, cooked1/2 cup9225
Pepper, green, frozen1/2 cup7511
Pepper, green, raw1/2 cup7524
Pepper, green, sauteed1/2 cup9243
Pepper, red, cooked1/2 cup9287
Pepper, red, frozen1/2 cup7532
Pepper, red, raw1/2 cup4639
Pepper, red, sauteed1/2 cup9261
Pepper, yellow, raw1/2 cup7552
Persimmon, fresh1/2 cup77-19
Persimmons, dried1/4 cup22-51
Prickly pear, fresh1/2 cup75-5
Pimento, canned1/2 cup9654
Pineapple juice1/2 cup121-8
Pineapple juice, from concentrate1/2 cup121-26
Pineapple, fresh1/2 cup8332
Pineapple, frozen, sweetened1/2 cup125-64
Pineapple, in heavy syrup1/2 cup125-56
Pineapple, in juice1/2 cup125-36
Pineapple, in juice, drained1/2 cup90-25
Pineapple, in light syrup1/2 cup125-26
Plantains, fried1/2 cup85-127
Plantains, raw1/2 cup74-56
Plum, fresh1/2 cup83-10
Plums, in heavy syrup1/2 cup125-70
Plums, in juice1/2 cup125-25
Plums, in light syrup1/2 cup125-38
Plums, in syrup, drained1/2 cup92-49
Pomegranate juice, bottled1/2 cup121-23
Pomegranate, fresh1/2 cup87-27
Potato puffs, frozen1/2 cup64-51
Potato, baked1/2 cup78-47
Potato, baked, w/o skin1/2 cup61-40
Potato, boiled, w/o skin1/2 cup78-44
Potato, canned1/2 cup90-31
Potato, raw1/2 cup75-32
Potato, red, baked1/2 cup78-42
Potato, red, raw1/2 cup75-32
Potato, russet, baked1/2 cup78-48
Potato, russet, raw1/2 cup75-41
Potatoes, hash-browned1/2 cup78-93
Potatoes, mashed1/2 cup105-69
Potatoes, mashed, instant1/2 cup105-52
Prune juice1/2 cup121-51
Prunes, dried1/4 cup43-91
Prunes, stewed1/2 cup125-82
Prunes, stewed, with sugar1/2 cup125-114
Pummelo, fresh1/2 cup954
Pumpkin pie mix, canned1/2 cup135-64
Pumpkin, canned1/2 cup123168
Pumpkin, cooked1/2 cup12349
Pumpkin, raw1/2 cup8849
Purslane, cooked1/2 cup58-6
Purslane, raw1 cup43-3
Quince, fresh1/2 cup70-15
Radish, oriental, cooked1/2 cup402
Radish, oriental, raw1/2 cup585
Radish, raw1/2 cup584
Raisins, golden1/4 cup40-136
Raisins, seedless1/4 cup40-135
Raspberries, fresh1/2 cup620
Raspberries, in heavy syrup1/2 cup125-65
Raspberries, frozen, sweetened1/2 cup125-64
Rhubarb, fresh1/2 cup611
Rhubarb, frozen 1/2 cup683
Rutabaga, cooked1/2 cup120-4
Rutabaga, raw1/2 cup70-3
Salsify, cooked1/2 cup73-28
Salsify, raw1/2 cup62-28
Sauerkraut, canned1/2 cup714
Scallions, raw1/2 cup50152
Shallots, raw1/2 cup80171
Soybeans, cooked1/2 cup90-13
Spinach raw1 cup3074
Spinach, canned1/2 cup107241
Spinach, cooked1/2 cup90224
Spinach, frozen1/2 cup78187
Sprouts, mung bean, canned1/2 cup63-4
Sprouts, radish1/2 cup191
Squash, butternut, baked1/2 cup10391
Squash, butternut, raw1/2 cup7055
Squash, summer, canned1/2 cup1051
Squash, summer, cooked1/2 cup900
Squash, summer, frozen1/2 cup65-3
Squash, summer, raw1/2 cup562
Squash, winter, baked1/2 cup10350
Starfruit, fresh1/2 cup1164
Strawberries, fresh1/2 cup7514
Strawberries, frozen1/2 cup758
Strawberries, frozen, sweetened1/2 cup75-23
Sweet potato leaves, cooked1/2 cup3214
Sweet potato leaves, raw1 cup3531
Sweet potato, baked1/2 cup100189
Sweet potato, canned1/2 cup12845
Sweet potato, raw1/2 cup6276
Tamarind nectar1/2 cup121-28
Tamarind, fresh1/2 cup60-140
Tangerine juice, fresh1/2 cup121-9
Tangerine juice, sweetened1/2 cup121-21
Tangerine, fresh1/2 cup98-11
Tangerines, in juice1/2 cup1251
Tangerines, in juice, drained1/2 cup953
Tangerines, in light syrup1/2 cup125-29
Taro leaves, cooked1/2 cup1237
Taro leaves, raw1 cup2831
Taro root, cooked1/2 cup66-62
Taro root, raw1/2 cup52-38
Taro shoots, cooked1/2 cup702
Taro shoots, raw1/2 cup431
Tomatillos, raw1/2 cup66-4
Tomato juice, canned1/2 cup12010
Tomato paste2 Tbsp33-4
Tomato puree1/2 cup125-12
Tomato sauce1/2 cup122-6
Tomato sauce, with cheese1/2 cup122-39
Tomato sauce, with mushrooms1/2 cup122-3
Tomato, cooked1/2 cup1209
Tomato, green, raw1/2 cup905
Tomato, raw1/2 cup909
Tomato, sun-dried1/4 cup14-16
Tomato, sun-dried, in oil1/2 cup2712
Tomatoes, canned, crushed1/2 cup120-12
Tomatoes, canned, in juice1/2 cup120-2
Tomatoes, canned, stewed1/2 cup120-9
Turnip greens, cooked1/2 cup122238
Turnip greens, raw1 cup55134
Turnips, cooked1/2 cup128-1
Turnips, frozen1/2 cup65-4
Turnips, raw1/2 cup65-1
Vegetable juice, canned1/2 cup12632
Vegetables, mixed, frozen1/2 cup66-19
Wakame, raw1/2 cup4031
Water chestnuts, canned1/2 cup70-17
Watercress, raw1 cup3432
Watermelon, fresh1/2 cup75-3
Zucchini, cooked1/2 cup9014
Zucchini, frozen1/2 cup65-3
Zucchini, raw1/2 cup602
Cherries, tart, dried, sweetened1/4 cup40-143
Blueberries, dried, sweetened1/4 cup40-120
Papaya, in heavy syrup, drained1/2 cup108-215
Cherries, sour, in juice1/2 cup84-8
Pear, Anjou, red, fresh1/2 cup70-12
Pear, Bosc, fresh1/2 cup70-16
Pear, Anjou, green, fresh1/2 cup70-16
Orange pineapple juice blend1/2 cup123-11
Fruit leather, pieces1 ounce28-113
Fruit leather, roll1 ounce28-108
Banana chips, dried1 ounce28-132
Allspice, ground1/2 Tsp1-1
Anise seed1 Tsp20
Basil, dried1 Tsp13
Basil, fresh1 Tbsp34
Bay leaf1 Tsp1-1
Capers1 Tbsp80
Caraway seed1 Tsp21
Cardamom, ground1/2 Tsp1-1
Celery seed1 Tsp22
Chervil, dried1 Tsp10
Chili powder1 Tsp381
Chives, dried1 Tsp113
Chives, raw1 Tbsp311
Cilantro, dried1 Tsp13
Cilantro, fresh1 Tbsp46
Cinnamon, ground1/2 Tsp1-1
Cloves, ground1/2 Tsp1-2
Coriander seed1 Tsp22
Cumin seed1 Tsp21
Curry powder1 Tsp2116
Dill seed1 Tsp21
Dill, fresh1 Tbsp10
Fennel seed1 Tsp21
Garlic powder1/2 Tsp2468
Garlic, raw1 Tbsp6215
Ginger root, raw1 Tbsp6387
Ginger, ground1/2 Tsp1248
Lemon peel, fresh1 Tbsp62
Mace, ground1/2 Tsp1-1
Marjoram, dried1 Tsp12
Mint, fresh (peppermint)1 Tbsp60
Mustard, ground1/2 Tsp14
Nutmeg, ground1/2 Tsp1-3
Onion powder1/2 Tsp125
Onions, dehydrated flakes1 Tsp228
Orange peel, fresh1 Tbsp61
Oregano, dried1 Tsp11
Paprika1/2 Tsp15
Parsley, dried1 Tsp12
Parsley, fresh1 Tbsp420
Pepper, black, ground1/2 Tsp1-1
Pepper, cayenne1/2 Tsp1254
Pepper, white, ground1/2 Tsp1-2
Poppy seed1 Tsp3-6
Poultry seasoning1/2 Tsp10
Pumpkin pie spice1/2 Tsp1-2
Rosemary, dried1 Tsp10
Rosemary, fresh1 Tbsp30
Saffron1 Tsp1-1
Sage, ground1/2 Tsp01
Salt1/2 Tsp30
Spearmint, dried1 Tsp10
Spearmint, fresh1 Tbsp60
Tarragon, dried1 Tsp1-1
Thyme, dried1 Tsp13
Thyme, fresh1 Tbsp33
Turmeric1/2 Tsp2338
Vanilla extract1 Tsp4-1
Buttermilk, low fat1 cup246-59
Buttermilk, powdered1/4 cup30-57
Cheese, mozzarella, fat-free1 ounce283
Cheese, mozzarella, fat-free, shredded1 ounce283
Cheese, american1 ounce28-24
Cheese, american, fat-free1 ounce28-13
Cheese, blue1 ounce28-25
Cheese, blue, crumbled1 ounce28-25
Cheese, brie1 ounce28-20
Cheese, camembert1 ounce28-17
Cheese, caraway1 ounce28-25
Cheese, cheddar1 ounce28-26
Cheese, cheddar, reduced fat1 ounce28-7
Cheese, cheddar, reduced fat, shredded1 ounce28-7
Cheese, cheddar, shredded1 ounce28-26
Cheese, Cheshire1 ounce28-27
Cheese, colby1 ounce28-25
Cheese, colby, shredded1 ounce28-25
Cheese, edam1 ounce28-21
Cheese, feta1 ounce28-26
Cheese, feta, crumbled1 ounce28-26
Cheese, fontina1 ounce28-24
Cheese, fontina, shredded1 ounce28-24
Cheese, gjetost1 ounce28-74
Cheese, goat, hard1 ounce28-46
Cheese, goat, semi-soft1 ounce28-41
Cheese, goat, soft1 ounce28-26
Cheese, gouda1 ounce28-23
Cheese, gruyere1 ounce28-19
Cheese, gruyere, shredded1 ounce28-19
Cheese, limburger1 ounce28-17
Cheese, monterey1 ounce28-24
Cheese, monterey, reduced fat1 ounce28-21
Cheese, monterey, reduced fat, shredded1 ounce28-21
Cheese, monterey, shredded1 ounce28-24
Cheese, mozzarella, part skim1 ounce28-15
Cheese, mozzarella, whole milk1 ounce28-22
Cheese, muenster1 ounce28-24
Cheese, muenster, reduced fat1 ounce28-16
Cheese, muenster, reduced fat, shredded1 ounce28-16
Cheese, muenster, shredded1 ounce28-24
Cheese, neufchatel2 Tbsp28-35
Cheese, parmesan, fat free, grated1 ounce28-38
Cheese, parmesan, grated1 ounce28-21
Cheese, parmesan, hard1 ounce28-21
Cheese, parmesan, reduced fat, grated1 ounce28-16
Cheese, pimento1 ounce28-24
Cheese, port de salut1 ounce28-16
Cheese, provolone1 ounce28-23
Cheese, provolone, reduced fat1 ounce28-17
Cheese, provolone, reduced fat, shredded1 ounce28-17
Cheese, provolone, shredded1 ounce28-23
Cheese, queso anejo1 ounce28-27
Cheese, queso anejo, crumbled1 ounce28-27
Cheese, queso asadero1 ounce28-25
Cheese, queso asadero, shredded1 ounce28-25
Cheese, queso chihuahua1 ounce28-27
Cheese, queso chihuahua, shredded1 ounce28-27
Cheese, ricotta, part skim1/2 cup124-41
Cheese, ricotta, whole milk1/2 cup124-62
Cheese, romano1 ounce28-24
Cheese, romano, grated1 ounce28-24
Cheese, roquefort1 ounce28-25
Cheese, roquefort, crumbled1 ounce28-25
Cheese, swiss1 ounce28-25
Cheese, swiss, grated1 ounce28-25
Cheese, swiss, reduced fat1 ounce28-5
Cheese, swiss, reduced fat, shredded1 ounce28-5
Cheese, tilsit1 ounce28-23
Coconut milk, canned1/2 cup124-239
Cottage cheese, creamed1/2 cup112-24
Cottage cheese, fat free1/2 cup112-23
Cottage cheese, low fat (1%)1/2 cup113-17
Cottage cheese, reduced fat (2%)1/2 cup113-21
Cream cheese1 ounce28-48
Cream cheese, fat free1 ounce28-7
Cream cheese, reduced fat1 ounce28-30
Cream, half and half1 Tbsp15-8
Cream, half and half, fat free1 Tbsp15-5
Cream, heavy1 Tbsp15-18
Cream, heavy, whipped2 Tbsp15-18
Cream, light1 Tbsp15-16
Cream, light, whipped2 Tbsp15-16
Cream, table1 Tbsp15-12
Creamer, liquid, light1 Tbsp15-3
Creamer, powdered1 Tsp2-11
Creamer, powdered, light1 Tsp2-6
Dulce de leche1 ounce28-82
Milk, chocolate, low fat (1%)1 cup246-109
Milk, chocolate, reduced fat (2%)1 cup246-114
Milk, chocolate, whole1 cup246-109
Milk, condensed sweetened2 Tbsp38-98
Milk, evaporated, fat free1/2 cup128-48
Milk, evaporated, whole1/2 cup126-70
Milk, fat free (skim)1 cup246-52
Milk, goat1 cup244-92
Milk, indian buffalo1 cup246-127
Milk, low fat (1%)1 cup246-60
Milk, powdered, fat free1/3 cup23-42
Milk, powdered, whole1/3 cup23-46
Milk, reduced fat (2%)1 cup246-71
Milk, sheep1 cup246-122
Milk, whole1 cup246-74
Milkshake, chocolate1 cup224-183
Milkshake, vanilla1 cup224-159
Rice milk1 cup246-23
Sour cream2 Tbsp24-26
Sour cream, fat free2 Tbsp28-14
Sour cream, reduced fat2 Tbsp30-17
Soymilk, chocolate, light 1 cup246-67
Soymilk, plain, light 1 cup246-37
Soymilk, vanilla, light 1 cup246-41
Whipped topping2 Tbsp6-7
Whipped topping, fat free2 Tbsp6-6
Whipped topping, low fat2 Tbsp6-11
Yogurt, fat free, chocolate1 cup224-167
Yogurt, fat free, fruit1 cup226-145
Yogurt, fat free, plain1 cup226-56
Yogurt, fat free, vanilla1 cup224-60
Yogurt, low fat, fruit1 cup226-151
Yogurt, low fat, low sugar1 cup226-150
Yogurt, low fat, plain1 cup226-66
Yogurt, low fat, vanilla1 cup226-107
Yogurt, soy1 cup246-125
Yogurt, whole milk, plain1 cup226-72
Cheese spread, reduced fat1 ounce28-21
Cheese, American, fat free1 ounce28-3
Cheese, cheddar, fat free1 ounce28-3
Cheese, Mexican blend1 ounce28-21
Cheese, queso blanco1 ounce28-31
Cheese, queso fresco1 ounce28-29
Cheese, queso seco1 ounce28-29
Cheese, Swiss, fat free1 ounce281
Frozen yogurt, chocolate1/2 cup87-66
Frozen yogurt, fat free, sugar free1/2 cup68-43
Frozen yogurt, vanilla1/2 cup87-81
Ice cream bar, chocolate covered1 piece50-86
Ice cream bar, with crunch coating1 piece95-300
Ice cream cone, chocolate covered, with nuts1 piece96-167
Ice cream cookie sandwich1 piece82-117
Ice cream sandwich1 piece70-114
Ice cream sandwich, light1 piece70-121
Ice cream sandwich, light, sugar-free1 piece70-107
Ice cream, chocolate1/2 cup66-83
Ice cream, chocolate, light1/2 cup68-78
Ice cream, chocolate, light, sugar free1/2 cup72-90
Ice cream, chocolate, premium1/2 cup75-93
Ice cream, soft serve, chocolate1/2 cup86-99
Ice cream, soft serve, vanilla1/2 cup86-99
Ice cream, soft serve, vanilla, light1/2 cup88-73
Ice cream, soft-serve, chocolate, light1/2 cup88-86
Ice cream, vanilla1/2 cup66-79
Ice cream, vanilla, fat free1/2 cup67-73
Ice cream, vanilla, light1/2 cup76-97
Ice cream, vanilla, light, sugar free1/2 cup68-75
Ice cream, vanilla, premium1/2 cup107-158
Milk, buttermilk, fluid, whole1 cup245-76
Cheese, queso cotija1 ounce28-22
Yogurt, Greek, berry (Chobani)1 cup224-108
Yogurt, Greek, plain, nonfat1 cup224-31
Abalone, fried3 ounces8523
Abalone, raw3 ounces8533
Anchovy, canned in oil, drained3 ounces85871
Anchovy, raw3 ounces85595
Bass, fresh water, raw3 ounces85133
Bass, freshwater, baked3 ounces85169
Bass, striped, baked3 ounces85422
Bass, striped, raw3 ounces85329
Bluefish, baked3 ounces85439
Bluefish, raw3 ounces85343
Burbot, baked3 ounces85-5
Burbot, raw3 ounces85-4
Butterfish, raw3 ounces8532
Carp, baked3 ounces8547
Carp, raw3 ounces8538
Catfish, breaded and fried3 ounces8543
Catfish, farmed, baked3 ounces8510
Catfish, farmed, raw3 ounces858
Catfish, wild, baked3 ounces8538
Catfish, wild, raw3 ounces8532
Caviar, black and red3 ounces852204
Cisco, raw3 ounces85106
Cisco, smoked3 ounces85448
Clam, breaded and fried3 ounces8545
Clams, canned, drained3 ounces8582
Clams, raw3 ounces8544
Clams, steamed3 ounces85166
Cod, Atlantic, baked3 ounces8569
Cod, Atlantic, canned3 ounces8569
Cod, Atlantic, dried and salted3 ounces85225
Cod, Atlantic, raw3 ounces8580
Cod, Pacific, baked3 ounces8578
Cod, Pacific, raw3 ounces8564
Conch, baked or broiled3 ounces855
Crab cakes3 ounces85137
Crab, blue, canned3 ounces8587
Crab, blue, raw3 ounces85114
Crab, blue, steamed3 ounces8587
Crab, dungeness, raw3 ounces85158
Crab, dungeness, steamed3 ounces85204
Crab, imitation3 ounces85-18
Crab, king, raw3 ounces8560
Crab, king, steamed3 ounces85197
Crab, queen, raw3 ounces85169
Crab, queen, steamed3 ounces85212
Crayfish, farmed, raw3 ounces8543
Crayfish, farmed, steamed3 ounces8543
Crayfish, wild, raw3 ounces8552
Crayfish, wild, steamed3 ounces8558
Croaker, Atlantic, breaded, fried3 ounces8511
Croaker, Atlantic, raw3 ounces8540
Cusk, baked3 ounces8536
Cusk, raw3 ounces8528
Cuttlefish, raw3 ounces8556
Cuttlefish, steamed3 ounces85125
Drum, freshwater, baked3 ounces8548
Drum, freshwater, raw3 ounces8538
Eel, baked3 ounces8541
Eel, raw3 ounces8534
Fish sticks, frozen3 ounces85-61
Flatfish (flounder and sole), baked3 ounces85129
Flatfish (flounder and sole), raw3 ounces85106
Frog legs, raw3 ounces853
Gefiltefish, sweet recipe3 ounces8532
Grouper, baked3 ounces8585
Grouper, raw3 ounces8598
Haddock, baked3 ounces8581
Haddock, raw3 ounces8566
Haddock, smoked3 ounces85106
Halibut, baked3 ounces85124
Halibut, Greenland, baked3 ounces85497
Halibut, Greenland, raw3 ounces85388
Halibut, raw3 ounces85102
Herring, Atlantic, baked3 ounces85796
Herring, Atlantic, kippered3 ounces85855
Herring, Atlantic, pickled3 ounces85641
Herring, Atlantic, raw3 ounces85624
Herring, Pacific, baked3 ounces85814
Herring, Pacific, raw3 ounces85638
Jellyfish, salted3 ounces8592
Ling, baked3 ounces8537
Ling, raw3 ounces8529
Lingcod, baked3 ounces8590
Lingcod, raw3 ounces8533
Lobster, northern, raw3 ounces85102
Lobster, northern, steamed3 ounces85117
Lobster, spiny, raw3 ounces8549
Lobster, spiny, steamed3 ounces8567
Mackerel, Atlantic, baked3 ounces85510
Mackerel, Atlantic, raw3 ounces85810
Mackerel, canned, drained3 ounces85465
Mackerel, king, baked3 ounces85214
Mackerel, king, raw3 ounces85169
Mackerel, Pacific and jack, baked3 ounces85683
Mackerel, Pacific and jack, raw3 ounces85534
Mackerel, salted3 ounces851663
Mackerel, Spanish, baked3 ounces85395
Mackerel, Spanish, raw3 ounces85414
Mahimahi, baked3 ounces8587
Mahimahi, raw3 ounces8569
Monkfish, raw3 ounces8528
Mullet, striped, baked3 ounces8583
Mullet, striped, raw3 ounces8575
Mussels, blue, raw3 ounces85149
Mussels, blue, steamed3 ounces85267
Ocean perch, baked3 ounces85123
Ocean perch, raw3 ounces85102
Octopus, raw3 ounces8567
Octopus, steamed3 ounces85143
Oysters, canned 3 ounces85254
Oysters, eastern, breaded, fried3 ounces85246
Oysters, eastern, farmed, baked3 ounces85302
Oysters, eastern, farmed, raw3 ounces85271
Oysters, eastern, wild, baked3 ounces85290
Oysters, eastern, wild, raw3 ounces85220
Oysters, eastern, wild, steamed3 ounces85345
Oysters, Pacific, raw3 ounces85332
Oysters, Pacific, steamed3 ounces85673
Perch, baked3 ounces8589
Perch, raw3 ounces8570
Pike, northern, baked3 ounces8544
Pike, northern, raw3 ounces8535
Pike, walleye, baked3 ounces85113
Pike, walleye, raw3 ounces8588
Pollock, Atlantic, baked3 ounces85223
Pollock, Atlantic, raw3 ounces85174
Pollock, walleye, baked3 ounces85210
Pollock, walleye, raw3 ounces8574
Pompano, baked3 ounces8546
Pompano, raw3 ounces8537
Pout, ocean, baked3 ounces8538
Pout, ocean, raw3 ounces8530
Rockfish, Pacific, baked3 ounces85177
Rockfish, Pacific, raw3 ounces85147
Roe, baked3 ounces851040
Roe, raw3 ounces85813
Roughy, orange, baked3 ounces8562
Roughy, orange, raw3 ounces8551
Sablefish, baked3 ounces85681
Sablefish, raw3 ounces85532
Sablefish, smoked3 ounces85702
Salmon, Atlantic, farmed, baked3 ounces85848
Salmon, Atlantic, farmed, raw3 ounces85725
Salmon, Atlantic, wild, baked3 ounces85489
Salmon, Atlantic, wild, raw3 ounces85383
Salmon, chinook, baked3 ounces85582
Salmon, chinook, raw3 ounces85689
Salmon, chinook, smoked (lox)3 ounces85210
Salmon, chum, baked3 ounces85330
Salmon, chum, canned, drained3 ounces85444
Salmon, chum, raw3 ounces85258
Salmon, coho, farmed, baked3 ounces85454
Salmon, coho, farmed, raw3 ounces85421
Salmon, coho, wild, baked3 ounces85439
Salmon, coho, wild, raw3 ounces85354
Salmon, coho, wild, steamed3 ounces85446
Salmon, pink, baked3 ounces85268
Salmon, pink, canned3 ounces85407
Salmon, pink, canned, drained3 ounces85442
Salmon, pink, raw3 ounces85223
Salmon, sockeye, baked3 ounces85493
Salmon, sockeye, canned, drained3 ounces85516
Salmon, sockeye, raw3 ounces85415
Sardine, Atlantic, in oil, drained3 ounces85435
Sardine, Pacific, in tomato sauce, drained3 ounces85344
Scallops, (bay and sea), steamed3 ounces8561
Scallops, breaded and fried3 ounces8542
Scallops, imitation3 ounces85-17
Scallops, raw3 ounces8530
Scup, raw3 ounces85194
Sea bass, baked3 ounces85334
Sea bass, raw3 ounces85262
Sea trout, baked3 ounces8514
Sea trout, raw3 ounces8511
Shad, raw3 ounces85921
Shark, batter-dipped and fried3 ounces85201
Shark, raw3 ounces85276
Sheepshead, baked3 ounces8523
Sheepshead, raw3 ounces8544
Shrimp, breaded and fried3 ounces8528
Shrimp, canned3 ounces85219
Shrimp, imitation3 ounces85-15
Shrimp, raw3 ounces8535
Shrimp, steamed3 ounces8576
Smelt, rainbow, baked3 ounces85334
Smelt, rainbow, raw3 ounces85261
Snail, raw3 ounces8552
Snapper, baked3 ounces85129
Snapper, raw3 ounces85113
Spot, baked3 ounces85225
Spot, raw3 ounces85176
Squid, fried3 ounces85216
Squid, raw3 ounces85201
Sturgeon, baked3 ounces85107
Sturgeon, raw3 ounces8584
Sturgeon, smoked3 ounces8558
Sucker, white, baked3 ounces85152
Sucker, white, raw3 ounces85118
Sunfish, baked3 ounces85-9
Sunfish, raw3 ounces85-7
Surimi3 ounces85139
Swordfish, baked3 ounces85349
Swordfish, raw3 ounces85293
Tilapia, baked3 ounces8563
Tilapia, raw3 ounces8550
Tilefish, baked3 ounces85274
Tilefish, raw3 ounces85145
Trout, baked3 ounces85209
Trout, rainbow, farmed, baked3 ounces85332
Trout, rainbow, farmed, raw3 ounces85279
Trout, rainbow, wild, baked3 ounces85308
Trout, rainbow, wild, raw3 ounces85161
Trout, raw3 ounces85164
Tuna, bluefin, baked3 ounces85593
Tuna, bluefin, raw3 ounces85464
Tuna, light, in oil, drained3 ounces85106
Tuna, light, in water, drained3 ounces85120
Tuna, skipjack, fresh, baked3 ounces85141
Tuna, skipjack, raw3 ounces85110
Tuna, white, in oil, drained3 ounces85131
Tuna, white, in water, drained3 ounces85344
Tuna, white, in water, no salt, drained3 ounces85344
Tuna, yellowfin, baked3 ounces85111
Tuna, yellowfin, raw3 ounces8593
Turbot, raw3 ounces8529
Turtle, green, raw3 ounces85-4
Whelk, raw3 ounces8512
Whelk, steamed3 ounces8531
White, fish, smoked3 ounces8596
Whitefish, baked3 ounces85422
Whitefish, raw3 ounces85330
Whiting, baked3 ounces85222
Whiting, raw3 ounces8551
Wolfish, baked3 ounces85261
Wolfish, raw3 ounces85204
Bacon, turkey3 ounces85-206
Chicken, breast, batter-fried3 ounces85-48
Chicken, breast, fried3 ounces85-43
Chicken, breast, raw3 ounces85-19
Chicken, breast, roasted3 ounces85-25
Chicken, breast, stewed3 ounces85-24
Chicken, dark meat, roasted, w/o skin3 ounces85-78
Chicken, dark meat, fried, w/o skin3 ounces85-97
Chicken, dark meat, raw, w/o skin3 ounces85-50
Chicken, dark meat, stewed, w/o skin3 ounces85-71
Chicken, drumstick, batter-fried3 ounces85-70
Chicken, drumstick, fried3 ounces85-74
Chicken, drumstick, raw3 ounces85-78
Chicken, drumstick, roasted3 ounces85-59
Chicken, drumstick, stewed3 ounces85-58
Chicken, giblets, fried3 ounces85-259
Chicken, giblets, simmered3 ounces85-152
Chicken, gizzard, raw3 ounces85-47
Chicken, gizzard, simmered3 ounces85-50
Chicken, ground, cooked3 ounces85-57
Chicken, ground, raw3 ounces85-53
Chicken, heart, raw3 ounces85-604
Chicken, heart, simmered3 ounces85-502
Chicken, leg, batter-fried3 ounces85-73
Chicken, leg, fried3 ounces85-79
Chicken, leg, raw3 ounces85-82
Chicken, leg, roasted3 ounces85-50
Chicken, leg, stewed3 ounces85-67
Chicken, light meat, fried, w/o skin3 ounces85-57
Chicken, light meat, raw, w/o skin3 ounces85-24
Chicken, light meat, roasted, w/o skin3 ounces85-33
Chicken, light meat, stewed, w/o skin3 ounces85-27
Chicken, liver pate, canned1 ounce28-5
Chicken, liver, pan-fried3 ounces85-272
Chicken, liver, raw3 ounces85-138
Chicken, liver, simmered3 ounces85-274
Chicken, nuggets3 ounces85-9
Chicken, tenders, baked3 ounces85-25
Chicken, thigh, batter-fried3 ounces85-76
Chicken, thigh, fried3 ounces85-89
Chicken, thigh, raw3 ounces85-84
Chicken, thigh, roasted3 ounces85-56
Chicken, thigh, stewed3 ounces85-69
Chicken, wing, batter-fried3 ounces85-80
Chicken, wing, fried3 ounces85-93
Chicken, wing, raw3 ounces85-48
Chicken, wing, roasted3 ounces85-56
Chicken, wing, stewed3 ounces85-72
Cornish hens, roasted3 ounces85-128
Cornish hens, raw3 ounces85-106
Cornish hens, raw, w/o skin3 ounces85-102
Cornish hens, roasted, w/o skin3 ounces85-115
Dove, cooked3 ounces85-62
Duck, duckling, roasted3 ounces85-31
Duck, liver, raw3 ounces85-29
Duck, meat and skin, raw3 ounces8531
Duck, meat and skin, roasted3 ounces8526
Duck, meat, roasted3 ounces8517
Egg, duck2 ounces57-147
Egg, goose2 ounces57-126
Egg, quail2 ounces57-55
Egg, substitute, fat free2 ounces5713
Egg, turkey2 ounces57-56
Egg, white2 ounces57-2
Egg, whole2 ounces57-85
Egg, yolk2 ounces57-182
Goose, liver pate (foie gras)3 ounces85-71
Goose, liver pate, smoked, canned1 ounce28-24
Goose, meat and skin, raw3 ounces8561
Goose, meat and skin, roasted3 ounces8538
Goose, meat, raw3 ounces8515
Goose, meat, roasted3 ounces8519
Ham, turkey3 ounces85-59
Hot dog, chicken3 ounces85-47
Hot dog, turkey3 ounces85-48
Pastrami, turkey3 ounces85-98
Pheasant, cooked3 ounces8531
Quail, cooked3 ounces85-113
Salami, turkey3 ounces85-69
Sausage, turkey, brown-and-serve3 ounces85-103
Sausage, turkey, cooked3 ounces85-112
Sausage, turkey, raw3 ounces85-108
Turkey neck, simmered, w/o skin3 ounces85-54
Turkey, breast, deli-sliced3 ounces85-12
Turkey, breast, raw3 ounces85-54
Turkey, breast, roasted3 ounces85-104
Turkey, dark meat, raw, w/o skin3 ounces85-6
Turkey, dark meat, roasted, w/o skin3 ounces85-41
Turkey, giblets, raw3 ounces85-121
Turkey, giblets, simmered3 ounces85-136
Turkey, gizzard, raw3 ounces85-49
Turkey, gizzard, simmered3 ounces85-43
Turkey, ground, 93% lean, browned3 ounces85-117
Turkey, ground, 93% lean, raw3 ounces85-75
Turkey, heart, raw3 ounces85-153
Turkey, heart, simmered3 ounces85-201
Turkey, leg, raw3 ounces85-98
Turkey, leg, roasted3 ounces85-162
Turkey, light meat, raw, w/o skin3 ounces85-2
Turkey, light meat, roasted, w/o skin3 ounces85-8
Turkey, liver, raw3 ounces85-123
Turkey, liver, simmered3 ounces85-184
Turkey, neck, raw, w/o skin3 ounces85-48
Turkey, smoked3 ounces85-136
Turkey, wing, raw3 ounces85-54
Turkey, wing, roasted3 ounces85-103
Chicken, breast, BBQ3 ounces85-3
Chicken, breast, BBQ, w/o skin3 ounces8516
Chicken, breast, boneless, grilled, w/o skin3 ounces85-45
Chicken, breast, boneless, stewed, w/o skin3 ounces85-43
Chicken, breast, rotisserie 3 ounces8517
Chicken, breast, rotisserie, w/o skin3 ounces8522
Chicken, drumstick, BBQ3 ounces85-15
Chicken, drumstick, BBQ, w/o skin3 ounces851
Chicken, drumstick, rotisserie 3 ounces854
Chicken, drumstick, rotisserie, w/o skin3 ounces858
Chicken, skin, BBQ3 ounces85-3
Chicken, skin, rotisserie3 ounces85-17
Chicken, thigh, BBQ3 ounces85-13
Chicken, thigh, BBQ, w/o skin3 ounces853
Chicken, thigh, rotisserie 3 ounces851
Chicken, thigh, rotisserie, w/o skin3 ounces854
Chicken, wing, BBQ3 ounces851
Chicken, wing, BBQ, w/o skin3 ounces857
Chicken, wing, rotisserie 3 ounces859
Chicken, wing, rotisserie, w/o skin3 ounces8521
Turkey, ground, 100% lean, broiled3 ounces85-38
Turkey, ground, 100% lean, browned3 ounces85-45
Turkey, ground, 100% lean, raw3 ounces85-40
Turkey, ground, 85% lean, broiled3 ounces85-78
Turkey, ground, 85% lean, browned3 ounces85-87
Turkey, ground, 85% lean, raw3 ounces85-73
Turkey, ground, 93% lean, broiled3 ounces85-119
Antelope, raw3 ounces85-95
Antelope, roasted3 ounces85-125
Bacon bits, meatless3 ounces85-78
Bacon raw3 ounces85-90
Bacon, baked3 ounces85-67
Bacon, canadian, grilled3 ounces8513
Bacon, canadian, uncooked3 ounces85-29
Bacon, meatless3 ounces85-61
Bacon, microwaved3 ounces85-91
Bacon, pan-fried3 ounces85-36
Bear, braised3 ounces85-211
Beef, arm pot roast, braised3 ounces8531
Beef, arm pot roast, raw3 ounces8511
Beef, blade roast, braised3 ounces8527
Beef, blade roast, raw3 ounces8510
Beef, bottom round, raw3 ounces8517
Beef, bottom round, roasted3 ounces8510
Beef, brisket, flat half, braised3 ounces8529
Beef, brisket, flat half, raw3 ounces854
Beef, brisket, point half, braised3 ounces8523
Beef, brisket, point half, raw3 ounces8519
Beef, brisket, whole, braised3 ounces8515
Beef, brisket, whole, raw3 ounces858
Beef, eye of round roast, roasted3 ounces8523
Beef, eye of round, raw3 ounces8523
Beef, filet mignon, broiled3 ounces85-26
Beef, flank steak, broiled3 ounces8510
Beef, flank steak, raw3 ounces858
Beef, grass-fed, ground, raw3 ounces854
Beef, grass-fed, strip steaks, raw3 ounces8524
Beef, ground, 70% lean, baked3 ounces853
Beef, ground, 70% lean, broiled3 ounces851
Beef, ground, 70% lean, browned3 ounces853
Beef, ground, 70% lean, raw3 ounces85-6
Beef, ground, 75% lean, baked3 ounces851
Beef, ground, 75% lean, broiled3 ounces85-1
Beef, ground, 75% lean, browned3 ounces851
Beef, ground, 75% lean, raw3 ounces85-5
Beef, ground, 80% lean, baked3 ounces85-1
Beef, ground, 80% lean, broiled3 ounces85-4
Beef, ground, 80% lean, browned3 ounces85-1
Beef, ground, 80% lean, raw3 ounces85-5
Beef, ground, 85% lean, baked3 ounces85-3
Beef, ground, 85% lean, broiled3 ounces85-6
Beef, ground, 85% lean, browned3 ounces85-4
Beef, ground, 85% lean, raw3 ounces85-6
Beef, ground, 90% lean, baked3 ounces85-7
Beef, ground, 90% lean, broiled3 ounces85-8
Beef, ground, 90% lean, browned3 ounces85-10
Beef, ground, 90% lean, raw3 ounces85-6
Beef, ground, 95% lean, baked3 ounces85-4
Beef, ground, 95% lean, broiled3 ounces85-9
Beef, ground, 95% lean, browned3 ounces85-16
Beef, ground, 95% lean, raw3 ounces85-6
Beef, heart, raw3 ounces85-103
Beef, heart, simmered3 ounces85-168
Beef, inside skirt steak, broiled3 ounces8525
Beef, kidneys, raw3 ounces85-70
Beef, kidneys, simmered3 ounces85-230
Beef, liver, braised3 ounces85-233
Beef, liver, pan-fried3 ounces85-143
Beef, liver, raw3 ounces85-8
Beef, mock tender steak, broiled3 ounces852
Beef, outside skirt steak, broiled3 ounces853
Beef, porterhouse steak, broiled3 ounces85-13
Beef, porterhouse steak, raw3 ounces85-11
Beef, rib eye, broiled3 ounces85-5
Beef, rib, large end, broiled3 ounces852
Beef, rib, large end, raw3 ounces853
Beef, rib, large end, roasted3 ounces8517
Beef, rib, small end, broiled3 ounces852
Beef, rib, small end, raw3 ounces856
Beef, rib, small end, roasted3 ounces8523
Beef, rump steak, grilled3 ounces8513
Beef, rump steak, raw3 ounces85-9
Beef, shoulder medallion, grilled3 ounces85-6
Beef, shoulder medallion, raw3 ounces85-10
Beef, shoulder roast, roasted3 ounces8526
Beef, shoulder steak, braised3 ounces858
Beef, t-bone steak, broiled3 ounces85-18
Beef, t-bone steak, raw3 ounces85-13
Beef, tenderloin, broiled3 ounces858
Beef, tenderloin, raw3 ounces858
Beef, tenderloin, roasted3 ounces85-8
Beef, thymus, braised3 ounces8514
Beef, thymus, raw3 ounces8517
Beef, tip round roast, roasted3 ounces8521
Beef, tip round, raw3 ounces8517
Beef, tongue, raw3 ounces85-265
Beef, tongue, simmered3 ounces85-17
Beef, top blade roast, broiled3 ounces8527
Beef, top blade steak, grilled3 ounces8510
Beef, top blade steak, raw3 ounces85-5
Beef, top loin steak, broiled3 ounces857
Beef, top loin, raw3 ounces8512
Beef, top round roast, braised3 ounces8516
Beef, top round roast, broiled3 ounces85-1
Beef, top round steak, broiled3 ounces8527
Beef, top round, raw3 ounces8524
Beef, top sirloin, broiled3 ounces8515
Beef, top sirloin, raw3 ounces8516
Beef, top sirloin, steak, broiled3 ounces8513
Beef, tripe, raw3 ounces85-26
Beef, tripe, simmered3 ounces85-53
Beef, tri-tip roast, raw3 ounces855
Beef, tri-tip roast, roasted3 ounces8510
Beef, tri-tip steak, broiled3 ounces85-1
Bison, ground, cooked3 ounces852
Bison, ground, raw3 ounces85-19
Bison, ribeye, broiled3 ounces8521
Bison, ribeye, raw3 ounces8527
Bison, shoulder roast, raw3 ounces8525
Bison, shoulder roast, roasted3 ounces8533
Bison, top round, broiled3 ounces8523
Bison, top round, raw3 ounces8526
Bison, top sirloin steak, broiled3 ounces8522
Bison, top sirloin, raw3 ounces8529
Boar, wild, raw3 ounces85-62
Boar, wild, roasted3 ounces85-73
Bologna, beef3 ounces85-24
Bologna, lebanon3 ounces8513
Bologna, low-fat3 ounces85-9
Bologna, pork3 ounces8517
Bologna, turkey3 ounces85-63
Bratwurst, pork, cooked3 ounces85-47
Caribou, raw3 ounces85-78
Caribou, roasted3 ounces85-101
Nuggets, meatless, breaded, fried3 ounces85-6
Choplets, vegetarian, Worthington3 ounces85-15
Chorizo3 ounces85-33
Corned beef, brisket, cooked3 ounces8547
Corned beef, brisket, raw3 ounces8539
Deer, ground, browned3 ounces85-60
Deer, ground, raw3 ounces85-49
Deer, loin, broiled3 ounces85-4
Deer, raw3 ounces85-69
Deer, roasted3 ounces85-99
Deer, shoulder roast, braised3 ounces85-5
Deer, tenderloin, broiled3 ounces851
Deer, top round, broiled3 ounces852
Diced Chik, vegetarian, Worthington3 ounces85-16
Elk, ground, browned3 ounces85-50
Elk, ground, raw3 ounces85-50
Elk, loin, broiled3 ounces85-7
Elk, raw3 ounces85-65
Elk, roasted3 ounces85-77
Elk, round, broiled3 ounces855
Elk, tenderloin, broiled3 ounces85-5
Fish sticks, meatless3 ounces85-25
Frankfurter, meatless3 ounces85-20
Goat, raw3 ounces85-29
Goat, roasted3 ounces85-40
Ham3 ounces85-36
Ham and cheese loaf3 ounces8516
Ham salad3 ounces85-13
Ham sliced, regular3 ounces85-22
Ham, canned3 ounces8529
Ham, country style3 ounces85-78
Ham, honey, smoked3 ounces85-16
Ham, sliced, extra lean3 ounces852
Ham, spiral cut, roasted3 ounces85-32
Ham, steak3 ounces8532
Ham, with water added3 ounces85-34
Harvest Burger, Green Giant3 ounces8527
Headcheese, pork3 ounces8518
Hot dog, beef3 ounces8510
Hot dog, beef, low-fat3 ounces8512
Hot dog, pork3 ounces85-18
Italian sausage, cooked3 ounces8520
Italian sausage, raw3 ounces8523
Knockwurst3 ounces8512
Lamb, Australian, foreshank, braised3 ounces85-12
Lamb, Australian, foreshank, raw3 ounces85-36
Lamb, Australian, leg, raw3 ounces85-47
Lamb, Australian, leg, roasted3 ounces85-21
Lamb, Austr., loin chops, boneless, broiled3 ounces85-21
Lamb, Austr., loin chops, boneless, raw3 ounces85-48
Lamb, Australian, loin, broiled3 ounces85-18
Lamb, Australian, loin, raw3 ounces85-40
Lamb, Australian, rib, raw3 ounces85-78
Lamb, Australian, rib, roasted3 ounces85-27
Lamb, Australian, shoulder, cooked3 ounces85-33
Lamb, Australian, shoulder, raw3 ounces85-64
Lamb, domestic, foreshank, braised3 ounces853
Lamb, domestic, foreshank, raw3 ounces85-5
Lamb, domestic, leg, raw3 ounces85-18
Lamb, domestic, leg, roasted3 ounces85-15
Lamb, domestic, loin, broiled3 ounces85-29
Lamb, domestic, loin, raw3 ounces85-43
Lamb, domestic, loin, roasted3 ounces85-43
Lamb, domestic, rib, broiled3 ounces85-77
Lamb, domestic, rib, raw3 ounces85-73
Lamb, domestic, rib, roasted3 ounces85-53
Lamb, domestic, shoulder, braised3 ounces85-51
Lamb, domestic, shoulder, broiled3 ounces85-31
Lamb, domestic, shoulder, raw3 ounces85-44
Lamb, domestic, shoulder, roasted3 ounces85-43
Lamb, ground, broiled3 ounces85-23
Lamb, ground, raw3 ounces85-49
Lamb, New Zealand, foreshank, braised3 ounces85-12
Lamb, New Zealand, foreshank, raw3 ounces85-11
Lamb, New Zealand, leg, raw3 ounces85-9
Lamb, New Zealand, leg, roasted3 ounces85-12
Lamb, New Zealand, loin, broiled3 ounces85-25
Lamb, New Zealand, loin, raw3 ounces85-23
Lamb, New Zealand, rib, raw3 ounces85-36
Lamb, New Zealand, rib, roasted3 ounces85-39
Lamb, New Zealand, shoulder, braised3 ounces85-32
Lamb, New Zealand, shoulder, raw3 ounces85-23
Liverwurst3 ounces8558
Meatballs, meatless3 ounces85-20
Moose, raw3 ounces85-45
Moose, roasted3 ounces85-50
Mortadella3 ounces855
Multigrain Cutlets, Worthington3 ounces85-10
Olive loaf3 ounces85-9
Pastrami, low-fat3 ounces8522
Pepperoni3 ounces85-39
Pickle and pimento loaf3 ounces85-7
Pig's feet3 ounces85-30
Polish sausage, pork3 ounces8519
Polish sausage, smoked3 ounces8517
Pork sausage, cooked3 ounces85-103
Pork sausage, raw3 ounces85-93
Pork, chops, center rib (boneless), braised3 ounces85-12
Pork, chops, center rib (boneless), broiled3 ounces85-1
Pork, chops, center rib (bnless), pan-fried3 ounces85-9
Pork, chops, center rib (boneless), raw3 ounces85-45
Pork, chops, center rib, braised3 ounces85-54
Pork, chops, center rib, broiled3 ounces85-30
Pork, chops, center rib, pan-fried3 ounces85-58
Pork, chops, center rib, raw3 ounces85-18
Pork, chops, sirloin, braised3 ounces85-51
Pork, chops, sirloin, broiled3 ounces85-45
Pork, chops, sirloin, raw3 ounces85-14
Pork, chops, top loin (boneless), braised3 ounces85-14
Pork, chops, top loin (boneless), broiled3 ounces85-18
Pork, chops, top loin (boneless), pan-fried3 ounces85-24
Pork, chops, top loin (boneless), raw3 ounces85-16
Pork, dried3 ounces8534
Pork, ground, 72% lean, cooked3 ounces85-68
Pork, ground, 72% lean, raw3 ounces85-62
Pork, ground, lean, crumbles3 ounces85-47
Pork, ground, lean, cooked3 ounces85-49
Pork, ground, lean, raw3 ounces85-52
Pork, ground, extra lean, crumbles3 ounces85-14
Pork, ground, 96% lean, cooked3 ounces85-49
Pork, ground, 96% lean, raw3 ounces85-35
Pork, hocks, pickled3 ounces85-32
Pork, leg, raw3 ounces85-44
Pork, leg, roasted3 ounces85-17
Pork, loin, blade, braised3 ounces85-49
Pork, loin, blade, broiled3 ounces85-46
Pork, loin, blade, pan-fried3 ounces85-26
Pork, loin, blade, raw3 ounces85-44
Pork, loin, blade, roasted3 ounces85-29
Pork, loin, center loin, braised3 ounces85-51
Pork, loin, center loin, broiled3 ounces85-31
Pork, loin, center loin, pan-fried3 ounces85-51
Pork, loin, center loin, raw3 ounces85-13
Pork, loin, center loin, roasted3 ounces85-21
Pork, loin, center rib (boneless), roasted3 ounces85-28
Pork, loin, center rib, roasted3 ounces85-30
Pork, loin, sirloin (boneless), roasted3 ounces85-23
Pork, loin, sirloin, roasted3 ounces85-34
Pork, loin, top loin (boneless), raw3 ounces85-16
Pork, loin, top loin (boneless), roasted3 ounces85-17
Pork, loin, whole, braised3 ounces856
Pork, loin, whole, broiled3 ounces85-2
Pork, loin, whole, raw3 ounces85-36
Pork, loin, whole, roasted3 ounces85-17
Pork, ribs, country-style, braised3 ounces85-40
Pork, ribs, country-style, raw3 ounces85-16
Pork, ribs, country-style, roasted3 ounces85-46
Pork, ribs, raw3 ounces85-48
Pork, ribs, roasted3 ounces85-52
Pork, ribs, spareribs, braised3 ounces85-52
Pork, ribs, spareribs, raw3 ounces85-474
Pork, ribs, spareribs, roasted3 ounces85-64
Pork, shoulder (boneless), cooked3 ounces85-31
Pork, shoulder (boneless), raw3 ounces85-22
Pork, shoulder, arm picnic, braised3 ounces85-58
Pork, shoulder, arm picnic, raw3 ounces85-55
Pork, shoulder, arm picnic, roasted3 ounces85-41
Pork, shoulder, blade roast, broiled3 ounces85-17
Pork, shoulder, blade roast, roasted3 ounces85-15
Pork, shoulder, blade steak, braised3 ounces85-43
Pork, shoulder, blade steak, raw3 ounces85-39
Pork, shoulder, whole, raw3 ounces85-54
Pork, shoulder, whole, roasted3 ounces85-24
Pork, tenderloin, broiled3 ounces859
Pork, tenderloin, peppercorn-flavored3 ounces85-17
Pork, tenderloin, raw3 ounces85-20
Pork, tenderloin, roasted3 ounces85-16
Pork, tenderloin, teriyaki-flavored3 ounces85-20
Rabbit, wild, raw3 ounces854
Rabbit, wild, stewed3 ounces8522
Salami, beef3 ounces8511
Salami, hard3 ounces85-94
Salt pork3 ounces85-50
Sausage patties3 ounces85-54
Sausage, meatless3 ounces85-48
Scrapple3 ounces85-70
Smoked sausage3 ounces85-56
Soyburger3 ounces85-4
Summer sausage3 ounces8531
Veal, breast, boneless, braised3 ounces85-42
Veal, breast, boneless, raw3 ounces85-33
Veal, ground, broiled3 ounces85-56
Veal, ground, raw3 ounces85-45
Veal, kidneys, braised3 ounces85-114
Veal, kidneys, raw3 ounces85-56
Veal, leg, braised3 ounces85-44
Veal, leg, pan-fried, breaded3 ounces85-63
Veal, leg, pan-fried, not breaded3 ounces85-38
Veal, leg, raw3 ounces85-26
Veal, leg, roasted3 ounces85-32
Veal, liver, braised3 ounces85-138
Veal, liver, pan-fried3 ounces85-160
Veal, liver, raw3 ounces85-132
Veal, loin, braised3 ounces85-92
Veal, loin, raw3 ounces85-56
Veal, loin, roasted3 ounces85-71
Veal, rib, braised3 ounces85-112
Veal, rib, raw3 ounces85-63
Veal, rib, roasted3 ounces85-75
Veal, shank, braised3 ounces85-42
Veal, shank, raw3 ounces85-42
Veal, shoulder, arm, braised3 ounces85-39
Veal, shoulder, braised3 ounces85-53
Veal, shoulder,, raw3 ounces85-40
Veal, shoulder,, roasted3 ounces85-64
Veal, sirloin, braised3 ounces85-63
Veal, sirloin, raw3 ounces85-37
Veal, sirloin, roasted3 ounces85-52
Veal, thymus, braised3 ounces85-56
Veal, thymus, raw3 ounces85-24
Veal, tongue, braised3 ounces8529
Veal, tongue, raw3 ounces852
Vege-Burger, Loma Linda3 ounces85-6
Vegetable Skallops, Worthington3 ounces85-15
Veggie Dog, Morningstar Farms3 ounces85-32
Vienna sausage3 ounces8520
Water buffalo, raw3 ounces85-45
Water buffalo, roasted3 ounces85-67
Adzuki beans, canned, sweetened1 cup296-705
Adzuki beans, dried1/2 cup99-100
Adzuki beans, dried, cooked1 cup230-91
Almond butter1/4 cup64100
Almond paste1/4 cup56-31
Almonds, blanched1/4 cup3571
Almonds, dry-roasted1/4 cup3466
Almonds, honey-roasted1/4 cup3671
Almonds, oil-roasted1/4 cup3977
Almonds, raw1/4 cup3667
Baked beans, canned1 cup253-108
Baked beans, canned, vegetarian1 cup254-103
Baked beans, canned, with franks1 cup259-32
Baked beans, canned, with pork1 cup253-89
Black beans, dried1/2 cup97-115
Black beans, dried, cooked1 cup172-47
Black turtle beans, canned1 cup240-60
Black turtle beans, dried1/2 cup92-118
Black turtle beans, dried, cooked1 cup185-80
Black-eyed peas, canned 1 cup240-69
Black-eyed peas, canned, with pork1 cup240-86
Black-eyed peas, dried1/2 cup84-78
Black-eyed peas, dried, cooked1 cup172-19
Brazilnuts1/4 cup33170
Butternuts1/4 cup30-10
Cashew butter1/4 cup6472
Cashews, dry-roasted1/4 cup3427
Cashews, oil-roasted1/4 cup3225
Cashews, raw1/4 cup3320
Chestnuts, boiled1/4 cup39-36
Chestnuts, dried1/4 cup33-132
Chestnuts, raw1/4 cup30-50
Chestnuts, roasted1/4 cup36-70
Chia seeds1 ounce2810
Chili with beans, canned1 cup256-36
Coconut, dried1/4 cup19-100
Coconut, dried, sweetened1/4 cup19-77
Coconut, dried, toasted1/4 cup19-104
Coconut, raw1/4 cup20-56
Cowpeas, dried1/2 cup84-69
Cowpeas, dried, cooked1 cup171-54
Cranberry (roman) beans, canned1 cup260-48
Cranberry (roman) beans, dried1/2 cup98-17
Cranberry (roman) beans, dried, cooked1 cup177-25
Fava beans, canned1 cup256-71
Fava beans, dried1/2 cup75-34
Fava beans, dried, cooked1 cup170-54
Flaxseed, ground1/4 cup2826
Flaxseed, whole1/4 cup4239
Garbanzo beans (chickpeas), canned1 cup240-82
Garbanzo beans (chickpeas), dried1/2 cup100-83
Garbanzo beans (chickpeas), dried, cooked1 cup164-70
Ginkgo nuts, canned1/4 cup39-15
Great northern beans, canned1 cup262-111
Great northern beans, dried1/2 cup92-72
Great northern beans, dried, cooked1 cup177-55
Hazelnuts (filberts)1/4 cup33125
Hickory nuts1/4 cup3030
Hummus1/2 cup123-27
Hyacinth beans, dried, cooked1 cup194-141
Kidney beans, canned1 cup256-66
Kidney beans, dried1/2 cup92-54
Kidney beans, dried, cooked1 cup177-60
Lentils, dried1/2 cup96-4
Lentils, dried, cooked1 cup198-15
Lima beans, canned1 cup241-65
Lima beans, large, dried1/2 cup89-99
Lima beans, large, dried, cooked1 cup188-61
Lima beans, small, dried1/2 cup101-101
Lima beans, small, dried, cooked1 cup182-48
Lupins, dried1/2 cup9022
Lupins, dried, cooked1 cup166-16
Macadamia nuts, dry-roasted1/4 cup33159
Macadamia nuts, raw1/4 cup33155
Miso2 Tbsp34-26
Mixed nuts, dry-roasted1/4 cup3461
Mixed nuts, no peanuts, oil-roasted1/4 cup35177
Mixed nuts, oil-roasted1/4 cup3537
Mung beans, dried1/2 cup104-82
Mung beans, dried, cooked1 cup202-25
Natto1/2 cup88-36
Navy beans, canned1 cup262-108
Navy beans, dried1/2 cup104-68
Navy beans, dried, cooked1 cup182-51
Peanut butter, crunchy2 Tbsp3218
Peanut butter, reduced fat2 Tbsp32-21
Peanut butter, smooth2 Tbsp3210
Peanut butter, with omega-32 Tbsp3291
Peanuts, boiled1/4 cup45-5
Peanuts, dry-roasted1/4 cup3725
Peanuts, oil-roasted1/4 cup379
Peanuts, raw1/4 cup3732
Peanuts, spanish, oil-roasted1/4 cup375
Peanuts, spanish, raw1/4 cup3713
Peanuts, valencia, oil-roasted1/4 cup376
Peanuts, valencia, raw1/4 cup3715
Peanuts, virginia, oil-roasted1/4 cup3735
Peanuts, virginia, raw1/4 cup3728
Pecans, dry-roasted1/4 cup2865
Pecans, oil-roasted1/4 cup2845
Pecans, raw1/4 cup2546
Pigeon peas, dried1/2 cup103-133
Pigeon peas, dried, cooked1 cup168-70
Pine nuts, dried1/4 cup35-51
Pink beans, dried1/2 cup105-145
Pink beans, dried, cooked1 cup169-91
Pinto beans, canned1 cup240-87
Pinto beans, dried, cooked1 cup171-43
Pinto beans, dried1/2 cup97-76
Pistachios, dry-roasted1/4 cup3116
Pistachios, raw1/4 cup3019
Pumpkin seed kernels, dried1/4 cup32-68
Pumpkin seeds, whole, roasted1/4 cup16-28
Refried beans, canned, fat-free1 cup238-74
Refried beans, canned, fat-free1 cup231-45
Refried beans, canned, vegetarian1 cup242-72
Sesame butter (tahini)1/4 cup64-20
Sesame seeds, hulled1/4 cup38-9
Sesame seeds, unhulled1/4 cup36-5
Small white beans, dried1/2 cup108-77
Small white beans, dried, cooked1 cup179-56
Soybeans, dried1/2 cup93-19
Soybeans, dried, cooked1 cup172-44
Soybeans, dry roasted1 cup93-72
Soybeans, roasted1 cup172-83
Split peas, dried1/2 cup99-81
Split peas, dried, cooked1 cup196-68
Sunflower kernels, dry-roasted1/4 cup32-48
Sunflower kernels, oil-roasted1/4 cup33-63
Sunflower kernels, raw1/4 cup3212
Sunflower seed butter1/4 cup64252
Tempeh1/2 cup84-46
Tofu, firm1/2 cup126-22
Tofu, silken, lite, firm1/2 cup125-24
Tofu, soft1/2 cup125-17
Walnuts, black1/4 cup25-35
Walnuts, English1/4 cup25-34
White beans, canned1 cup262-123
White beans, dried1/2 cup101-111
White beans, dried, cooked1 cup179-94
Winged beans, dried1/2 cup91-26
Winged beans, dried, cooked1 cup172-85
Yardlong beans, dried1/2 cup84-83
Yardlong beans, dried, cooked1 cup171-60
Yellow beans, dried1/2 cup98-63
Yellow beans, dried, cooked1 cup177-70
Garbanzo beans (chickpeas), canned, drained1 cup0
Hemp seed hearts1/4 cup40-29
Kidney beans, canned, drained1 cup0
Mixed nuts, no peanuts, oil-roasted, less salt1/4 cup0
Mixed nuts, oil-roasted, less salt1/4 cup0
Pinto beans, canned, drained1 cup0
Tofu, silken 1/2 cup125-21
Tofu, silken, lite1/2 cup125-20
Tofu, sprouted, extra firm1/2 cup126-14
Bacon grease1 Tbsp13-3
Beef tallow1 Tbsp13-13
Butter, light1 Tbsp14-25
Butter, salted1 Tbsp14-44
Butter, whipped1 Tbsp9-24
Chicken fat1 Tbsp13-16
Dressing, Bacon and tomato2 Tbsp30-22
Dressing, Blue cheese2 Tbsp30-39
Dressing, Blue cheese, fat-free2 Tbsp30-24
Dressing, Blue cheese, light2 Tbsp30-13
Dressing, Buttermilk, light2 Tbsp30-20
Dressing, Caesar2 Tbsp30-42
Dressing, Caesar, light2 Tbsp30-16
Dressing, Coleslaw2 Tbsp30-38
Dressing, Coleslaw, light2 Tbsp30-36
Dressing, French 2 Tbsp30-21
Dressing, French, fat-free2 Tbsp30-28
Dressing, French, light2 Tbsp30-17
Dressing, Green goddess2 Tbsp30-27
Dressing, Honey mustard, light2 Tbsp30-14
Dressing, Italian 2 Tbsp30-16
Dressing, Italian, fat-free2 Tbsp30-6
Dressing, Italian, light2 Tbsp30-8
Dressing, Oil and vinegar2 Tbsp30-36
Dressing, Peppercorn2 Tbsp30-52
Dressing, Ranch2 Tbsp30-41
Dressing, Ranch, light2 Tbsp30-19
Dressing, Russian2 Tbsp30-41
Dressing, Russian, light2 Tbsp30-27
Dressing, Sesame2 Tbsp30-36
Dressing, Sweet and Sour2 Tbsp304
Dressing, Thousand Is.2 Tbsp30-26
Dressing, Thousand Is., fat-free2 Tbsp30-25
Dressing, Thousand Is., light2 Tbsp30-3
Fish oil, cod liver1 Tbsp141061
Fish oil, herring1 Tbsp14688
Fish oil, menhaden1 Tbsp141240
Fish oil, salmon1 Tbsp141944
Fish oil, sardine1 Tbsp141107
Lard1 Tbsp13-3
Margarine, Benecol1 Tbsp1423
Margarine, Benecol Light1 Tbsp1413
Margarine, Smart Balance Light1 Tbsp14-2
Margarine, Smart Balance Regular1 Tbsp145
Margarine, Smart Balance Omega Plus1 Tbsp1433
Margarine, tub1 Tbsp1445
Margarine-butter blend1 Tbsp14-17
Margarine-butter blend, stick, reduced fat1 Tbsp14-10
Margarine-butter blend, tub, reduced fat1 Tbsp14-5
Mayonnaise, cholesterol free1 Tbsp15-33
Mayonnaise, imitation1 Tbsp15-10
Mayonnaise, imitation, cholesterol free1 Tbsp15-14
Mayonnaise, imitation, fat-free1 Tbsp15-2
Mayonnaise, light1 Tbsp15-13
Mayonnaise, Sm. Balance Omega Plus Light1 Tbsp1515
Mayonnaise, soybean and safflower oil1 Tbsp15-60
Mayonnaise, soybean oil (Hellman's)1 Tbsp15-37
Mayonnaise, tofu1 Tbsp15-11
Oil, almond1 Tbsp1464
Oil, apricot kernel1 Tbsp1434
Oil, avocado1 Tbsp1468
Oil, canola1 Tbsp1480
Oil, cocoa butter1 Tbsp14-40
Oil, coconut1 Tbsp14-115
Oil, corn1 Tbsp14-50
Oil, corn and canola blend1 Tbsp1456
Oil, cottonseed1 Tbsp14-94
Oil, Enova1 Tbsp141
Oil, flaxseed1 Tbsp1413
Oil, grapeseed1 Tbsp14-87
Oil, hazelnut1 Tbsp1487
Oil, olive1 Tbsp1474
Oil, palm1 Tbsp14-28
Oil, palm kernel1 Tbsp14-99
Oil, peanut1 Tbsp14-3
Oil, poppy seed1 Tbsp14-78
Oil, rice bran1 Tbsp14-12
Oil, safflower, high linoleic (Hollywood)1 Tbsp14-91
Oil, safflower, high oleic (Hain)1 Tbsp1479
Oil, sesame1 Tbsp14-21
Oil, soybean1 Tbsp14-38
Oil, sunflower, high oleic1 Tbsp14101
Oil, sunflower, linoleic1 Tbsp14-77
Oil, walnut1 Tbsp14-25
Oil, wheat germ1 Tbsp14-54
Shortening, vegetable1 Tbsp15-27
Butter, unsalted1 Tbsp14-44
Dressing, Honey mustard2 Tbsp30-36
Dressing, Poppyseed, creamy2 Tbsp30-46
Dressing, Caesar, fat-free2 Tbsp30-35
Dressing, Honey mustard, fat-free2 Tbsp30-41
Mayonnaise, olive oil, light1 Tbsp1534
Tea seed oil1 Tbsp1473
Acorn flour1/3 cup42-56
All-Bran Complete Wheat Flakes1 cup39100
All-Bran, Extra Fiber1/2 cup2610
All-Bran, Original1/2 cup3145
Alpha-Bits1 cup30-64
Alpha-Bits, with marshmallows1 cup32-118
Amaranth Flakes1 cup38-98
Amaranth, uncooked1/3 cup64-173
Apple Jacks1 cup28-90
Arrowroot flour1/3 cup43-189
Banana Nut Crunch1 cup59-121
Barley flour1/3 cup49-139
Barley malt flour1/3 cup54-173
Barley, hulled1/3 cup61-140
Barley, pearled, cooked1 cup157-127
Barley, pearled, raw1/3 cup67-175
Basic 41 cup55-169
Blueberry Morning1 cup44-146
Bran Buds1/2 cup4572
Bran Flakes, generic1 cup40-46
Buckwheat1/3 cup57-150
Buckwheat flour1/3 cup40-100
Buckwheat groats, roasted, cooked1 cup168-94
Buckwheat groats, roasted, dry1/3 cup55-153
Bulgur, cooked1 cup182-84
Bulgur, dry1/3 cup47-116
Cap'n Crunch1 cup36-43
Carob flour1/3 cup34-72
Cheerios1 cup28-27
Cheerios, Apple Cinnamon1 cup52-86
Cheerios, Frosted1 cup38-68
Cheerios, Honey Nut1 cup38-62
Cheerios, Multi-grain1 cup28-51
Cheerios, Yogurt Burst1 cup40-82
Chex, Corn1 cup31-73
Chex, Frosted1 cup40-121
Chex, Honey Nut1 cup43-147
Chex, Multi-bran1 cup63-69
Chex, Rice1 cup27-55
Chex, Wheat1 cup63-95
Chickpea flour1/3 cup30-40
Cinnamon Grahams1 cup40-129
Cinnamon Toast Crunch1 cup41-91
Cinnamon Toast Crunch, reduced sugar1 cup38-72
Cocoa Krispies1 cup41-152
Cocoa Pebbles1 cup39-150
Complete Oat Bran Flakes1 cup40109
Cookie Crisp1 cup30-83
Corn bran1/3 cup25-2
Corn Flakes1 cup28-96
Corn Flakes, Honey Crunch1 cup40-145
Corn Flakes, reduced sodium1 cup28-141
Corn flour, degermed1/3 cup42-186
Corn flour, masa, white, enriched1/3 cup38-119
Corn flour, masa, yellow, enriched1/3 cup38-118
Corn flour, whole-grain, white1/3 cup39-135
Corn flour, whole-grain, yellow1/3 cup39-134
Corn pasta, dry1 ounce28-96
Corn Pops1 cup30-102
Cornmeal, degermed, white1/3 cup53-198
Cornmeal, degermed, yellow1/3 cup53-197
Cornmeal, self-rising, white1/3 cup46-146
Cornmeal, self-rising, yellow1/3 cup46-146
Cornmeal, whole-grain, white1/3 cup41-140
Cornmeal, whole-grain, yellow1/3 cup41-139
Cornstarch1/3 cup43-216
Couscous, cooked1 cup157-98
Couscous, dry1/3 cup58-222
Cracklin' Oat Bran1 cup65-147
Cream of Rice, regular, prep'd1 cup244-78
Cream of Wheat, flavored, prep'd1 cup240-136
Cream of Wheat, instant, prep'd1 cup241-75
Cream of Wheat, regular, prep'd1 cup244-78
Crispix1 cup28-65
Crispy Brown Rice1 cup32-130
Crunchy Bran1 cup36-3
Curves Fruit & Nut1 cup49-135
Fiber 7 Flakes1 cup41-110
Fiber One1/2 cup30-11
Froot Loops1 cup28-90
Froot Loops, reduced sugar1 cup22-71
Frosted Flakes1 cup40-151
Frosted Flakes, reduced sugar1 cup40-128
Frosted Rice Krispies1 cup40-152
Fruit Harvest, with Berries1 cup38-125
Fruity Pebbles1 cup36-138
Golden Crisp1 cup36-117
Golden Grahams1 cup40-116
Granola, homemade1/2 cup61-92
Granola, Kellogg's Low Fat1/2 cup49-82
Granola, Kellogg's Low Fat, Raisins 1/2 cup49-96
Granola, Nature Valley Low Fat, Fruit1/2 cup45-166
Granola, Quaker 100% Nat. Low Fat, Raisins1/2 cup27-90
Granola, Quaker Oats and Honey1/2 cup48-113
Granola, Sun Country with Almonds1/2 cup57-150
Grape-Nuts1/2 cup58-152
Great Grains, Raisin, Date & Pecan1 cup74-178
Grits, instant, prepared1 cup219-110
Grits, regular, prepared1 cup242-102
Heart to Heart1 cup4441
Honey Bunches of Oats, Almonds1 cup32-74
Honey Bunches of Oats, Honey Roasted1 cup40-91
Honey Nut Clusters1 cup57-190
Honey Smacks1 cup36-123
Honeycomb1 cup32-119
Just Right w/ Nuggets1 cup55-209
Just Right, Fruit & Nut1 cup70-177
Kamut, cooked1 cup172-90
Kamut, uncooked1/3 cup62-120
Kashi GoLean1 cup52-78
Kashi GoLean Crunch1 cup53-130
Kashi Good Friends1 cup53-127
Kashi, Puffed1 cup19-61
Kashi, Whole Grain Honey Puffs1 cup30-103
King Vitamin1 cup31-37
Kix1 cup24-35
Kix, Berry1 cup35-80
Life1 cup43-64
Life, Cinnamon1 cup43-28
Lucky Charms1 cup38-62
Macaroni, cooked, enriched1 cup134-119
Macaroni, dry, enriched1 ounce28-82
Macaroni, vegetable, cooked, enriched1 cup134-80
Macaroni, whole-wheat, cooked1 cup140-91
Maltex, prepared1 cup249-92
Maypo, prepared1 cup240-68
Millet, cooked1 cup174-150
Millet, puffed1 cup21-84
Millet, raw1/3 cup67-217
Mini-Wheats, Frosted1 cup50-169
Muesli (Alpen)1/2 cup56-168
Muesli (Familia)1/2 cup66-193
Muesli, with dried fruit and nuts1/2 cup43-118
Mueslix1 cup55-63
Multigrain hot cereal, dry1/3 cup26-67
Noodles, chow mein1 ounce28-91
Noodles, egg, cooked1 cup160-102
Noodles, egg, dry1 ounce28-83
Noodles, mung bean (cellophane), dry1 ounce28-127
Noodles, rice, cooked1 cup176-150
Noodles, rice, dry1/3 cup19-81
Noodles, spinach, cooked1 cup160-56
Nutrition for Women Oatmeal, prepared1 cup244-103
Oat Bran Flakes (Health Valley)1 cup47-115
Oat bran, cooked1 cup219-43
Oat bran, raw1/3 cup31-24
Oat flour1/3 cup40-103
Oatmeal Crisp, Almond1 cup60-196
Oatmeal Crisp, Apple Cinnamon1 cup55-177
Oatmeal Crisp, Raisin1 cup62-224
Oatmeal Squares1 cup56-104
Oatmeal Squares, cinnamon1 cup60-110
Oatmeal, instant, dry1/3 cup28-79
Oatmeal, instant, flavored, prep'd1 cup206-106
Oatmeal, instant, prep'd1 cup235-62
Oatmeal, multigrain, prep'd1 cup234-94
Oatmeal, regular, dry1/3 cup27-69
Oatmeal, regular, prep'd1 cup234-84
Oats, whole grain1/3 cup52-137
Optimum (Nature's Path)1 cup55-34
Optimum Slim (Nature's Path)1 cup55-97
Organic Promise, Autumn Wheat1 cup54-152
Pasta, corn, cooked1 cup140-121
Peanut flour, defatted1/3 cup40-1
Peanut flour, low fat1/3 cup402
Post 100% Bran1/2 cup42-49
Product 191 cup3040
Puffed Rice1 cup14-61
Puffed Wheat1 cup12-25
Quaker Oat Bran Cereal1 cup45-71
Quinoa, uncooked1/3 cup57-126
Quisp1 cup27-36
Raisin Bran1 cup59-143
Raisin Bran Crunch1 cup53-190
Raisin Nut Bran1 cup65-191
Rice bran1/3 cup39-13
Rice flour, brown1/3 cup53-198
Rice flour, white1/3 cup53-220
Rice Krispies1 cup26-71
Rice, brown, long-grain, cooked1 cup195-143
Rice, brown, long-grain, dry1/3 cup62-229
Rice, brown, med-grain, cooked1 cup195-162
Rice, brown, med-grain, dry1/3 cup63-243
Rice, white, glutinous, cooked1 cup174-125
Rice, white, glutinous, dry1/3 cup62-262
Rice, white, long-grain, cooked1 cup158-153
Rice, white, long-grain, dry1/3 cup62-235
Rice, white, long-grain, instant, cooked1 cup165-131
Rice, white, long-grain, instant, dry1/3 cup32-117
Rice, white, med-grain, cooked1 cup186-184
Rice, white, med-grain, dry1/3 cup65-244
Rice, white, short-grain, cooked1 cup186-188
Rice, white, short-grain, dry1/3 cup67-243
Roman Meal, prepared1 cup241-80
Rye flour, dark1/3 cup43-65
Rye flour, light1/3 cup34-114
Rye flour, medium1/3 cup34-99
Rye, whole grain1/3 cup56-145
Semolina flour, enriched1/3 cup56-144
Sesame seed flour1/3 cup53-68
Shredded Wheat1 cup49-156
Shredded Wheat n' Bran, spoon-size1 cup59-188
Shredded Wheat, Honey Nut1 cup52-157
Smart Start1 cup50-58
Soy flour, full-fat1/3 cup30-17
Soy flour, low-fat1/3 cup307
Soy flour, roasted, full-fat1/3 cup30-23
Soy pasta, dry1 ounce28-100
Spaghetti, cooked1 cup140-124
Spaghetti, dry1 ounce28-82
Spaghetti, spinach, cooked1 cup140-120
Spaghetti, spinach, dry1 ounce28-65
Spaghetti, whole-wheat, cooked1 cup140-82
Spaghetti, whole-wheat, dry1 ounce28-83
Special K1 cup31-3
Special K, Chocolate1 cup40-108
Special K, Fruit & Yogurt1 cup43-116
Special K, Protein Plus1 cup42-43
Special K, Vanilla Almond1 cup40-86
Special K, with Berries1 cup31-83
Spelt, cooked1 cup194-142
Spelt, uncooked1/3 cup58-144
Sunflower seed flour1/3 cup42-12
Tapioca, pearl, dry1/3 cup51-235
Tasteeos1 cup28-26
Teff, cooked1 cup252-147
Teff, uncooked1/3 cup64-201
Total1 cup4091
Total Corn Flakes1 cup2225
Total Raisin Bran1 cup53-39
Triticale flour1/3 cup43-108
Triticale, uncooked1/3 cup64-213
Trix1 cup32-99
Trix, reduced sugar1 cup28-70
Vital wheat gluten1/3 cup41-10
Weetabix1 cup57-185
Wheat and Malt Barley Flakes1 cup39-64
Wheat bran1/3 cup197
Wheat germ1/3 cup38-13
Wheat germ, Honey Crunch1/4 cup28-10
Wheat germ, Toasted1/4 cup282
Wheat, durum, whole grain, dry1/3 cup64-162
Wheat, hard red spring, whole grain, dry1/3 cup64-115
Wheat, hard red winter, whole grain, dry1/3 cup64-126
Wheat, hard white, whole grain, dry1/3 cup64-179
Wheat, soft red winter, whole grain, dry1/3 cup56-152
Wheat, soft white, whole grain, dry1/3 cup56-154
Wheat, sprouted1 cup108-136
Wheatena, prepared1 cup243-59
Wheaties1 cup36-43
Wheaties Raisin Bran1 cup55-136
White flour, all-purpose, bleached1/3 cup42-141
White flour, all-purpose, self-rising1/3 cup42-134
White flour, all-purpose, unbleached1/3 cup42-141
White flour, bread1/3 cup46-142
White flour, cake1/3 cup46-174
Whole wheat flour1/3 cup40-89
Wh. Wheat Hot Cereal (Mother's), prep'd1 cup242-70
Wild rice, cooked1 cup164-105
Wild rice, raw1/3 cup53-161
Corn flour, masa, white (unenriched)1/3 cup38-132
Bagel, cinnamon raisin1 ounce28-58
Bagel, egg1 ounce28-61
Bagel, oat bran1 ounce28-50
Bagel, plain, poppy, or sesame1 ounce28-49
Biscuit, multi-grain1 ounce28-54
Biscuits, from mix1 ounce28-61
Biscuits, refrigerated dough1 ounce28-62
Biscuits, refrigerated dough, reduced fat1 ounce28-60
Bread crumbs, plain1 ounce28-91
Bread sticks, plain1 ounce28-80
Bread, banana1 ounce28-70
Bread, Boston brown1 ounce28-40
Bread, cracked wheat1 ounce28-42
Bread, egg1 ounce28-57
Bread, high protein1 ounce28-39
Bread, Italian1 ounce28-49
Bread, multi-grain1 ounce28-34
Bread, oat bran1 ounce28-32
Bread, oat bran, reduced calorie1 ounce28-22
Bread, oatmeal1 ounce28-50
Bread, oatmeal, reduced calorie1 ounce28-40
Bread, pita, white1 ounce28-62
Bread, pita, whole wheat1 ounce28-47
Bread, pumpernickel1 ounce28-40
Bread, raisin1 ounce28-47
Bread, rice bran1 ounce28-34
Bread, rye1 ounce28-41
Bread, rye, reduced calorie1 ounce28-19
Bread, sourdough1 ounce28-59
Bread, sweet (pan dulce)1 ounce28-65
Bread, wheat 1 ounce28-49
Bread, wheat bran1 ounce28-39
Bread, wheat germ1 ounce28-47
Bread, wheat, reduced calorie1 ounce28-20
Bread, white 1 ounce28-53
Bread, white, reduced calorie1 ounce28-22
Bread, whole wheat1 ounce28-38
Cake, angel food1 ounce28-71
Cake, chocolate with chocolate frosting1 ounce28-67
Cake, chocolate, unfrosted1 ounce28-73
Cake, coffee, cheese1 ounce28-53
Cake, coffee, cinnamon crumb1 ounce28-39
Cake, fruit1 ounce28-70
Cake, pineapple, upside-down1 ounce28-63
Cake, pound1 ounce28-84
Cake, pound, fat-free1 ounce28-83
Cake, shortcake1 ounce28-57
Cake, snack, choc. with frosting, low-fat1 ounce28-79
Cake, snack, cream-filled, choc. with frosting1 ounce28-66
Cake, snack, cream-filled, sponge1 ounce28-90
Cake, sponge 1 ounce28-87
Cake, white, with coconut frosting1 ounce28-88
Cake, white, without frosting1 ounce28-72
Cake, yellow, with chocolate frosting1 ounce28-73
Cake, yellow, with vanilla frosting1 ounce28-75
Cheesecake1 ounce28-32
Cheesecake, from mix (no-bake)1 ounce28-42
Cone, ice cream, cake1 ounce28-112
Cone, ice cream, sugar1 ounce28-117
Cookie, animal crackers1 ounce28-92
Cookie, brownie1 ounce28-68
Cookie, butter1 ounce28-111
Cookie, chocolate chip1 ounce28-102
Cookie, chocolate chip, reduced-fat1 ounce28-99
Cookie, chocolate chip, slice-and-bake1 ounce28-88
Cookie, chocolate sandwich1 ounce28-86
Cookie, chocolate sandwich, extra filling1 ounce28-59
Cookie, chocolate wafer1 ounce28-100
Cookie, coconut macaroon (Archway)1 ounce28-126
Cookie, devil's food, fat-free (Snackwell)1 ounce28-105
Cookie, fig bars1 ounce28-86
Cookie, fortune1 ounce28-122
Cookie, frosted lemon (Archway)1 ounce28-87
Cookie, fruit and honey (Archway)1 ounce28-97
Cookie, gingersnap1 ounce28-99
Cookie, graham cracker 1 ounce28-105
Cookie, graham cracker, chocolate coated1 ounce28-135
Cookie, hermit (Archway)1 ounce28-98
Cookie, ladyfinger1 ounce28-106
Cookie, marshmallow, chocolate coated1 ounce28-75
Cookie, molasses 1 ounce28-93
Cookie, oatmeal1 ounce28-74
Cookie, oatmeal, slice-and-bake1 ounce28-73
Cookie, peanut butter1 ounce28-64
Cookie, peanut butter sandwich1 ounce28-74
Cookie, peanut butter, slice-and-bake1 ounce28-72
Cookie, pecan shortbread1 ounce28-51
Cookie, raisin1 ounce28-81
Cookie, shortbread1 ounce28-71
Cookie, sugar 1 ounce28-81
Cookie, sugar wafer with cream filling1 ounce28-112
Cookie, sugar, slice-and-bake1 ounce28-75
Cookie, vanilla sandwich1 ounce28-99
Cookie, vanilla wafer1 ounce28-82
Cookie, vanilla wafer, reduced fat1 ounce28-99
Cornbread1 ounce28-79
Cracker, cheese1 ounce28-89
Cracker, cheese, with peanut butter filling1 ounce28-52
Cracker, matzo, egg1 ounce28-114
Cracker, matzo, egg and onion1 ounce28-101
Cracker, matzo, plain1 ounce28-119
Cracker, matzo, whole-wheat1 ounce28-67
Cracker, melba toast, plain1 ounce28-91
Cracker, melba toast, rye or pumpernickel1 ounce28-90
Cracker, melba toast, wheat1 ounce28-80
Cracker, Ritz1 ounce28-94
Cracker, Ritz, low sodium1 ounce28-77
Cracker, Ritz, with cheese filling1 ounce28-64
Cracker, Ritz, with peanut butter filling1 ounce28-56
Cracker, rye wafer1 ounce28-60
Cracker, rye, crispbread1 ounce28-81
Cracker, rye, with cheese filling1 ounce28-58
Cracker, saltine1 ounce28-106
Cracker, saltine, fat-free1 ounce28-114
Cracker, Triscuit1 ounce28-78
Cracker, Triscuit, reduced fat1 ounce28-88
Cracker, Wheat Thins1 ounce28-88
Cracker, Wheat thins, low sodium1 ounce28-59
Cracker, Wheat Thins, reduced fat1 ounce28-95
Cracker, wheat, with cheese filling1 ounce28-67
Cracker, wheat, with peanut butter filling1 ounce28-54
Cream puff, custard filling1 ounce28-30
Croissant, apple1 ounce28-46
Croissant, cheese1 ounce28-61
Croissant, plain1 ounce28-63
Croutons, plain1 ounce28-84
Croutons, seasoned1 ounce28-62
Crust, pie, chocolate cookie1 ounce28-55
Crust, pie, frozen1 ounce28-46
Crust, pie, graham cracker1 ounce28-49
Crust, pie, refrigerated1 ounce28-92
Crust, pie, vanilla wafer1 ounce28-54
Danish, cheese1 ounce28-30
Danish, cinnamon1 ounce28-33
Danish, fruit1 ounce28-46
Danish, lemon1 ounce28-52
Danish, nut1 ounce28-34
Doughnut, chocolate, sugared or glazed1 ounce28-56
Doughnut, cruller, sugared or glazed1 ounce28-65
Doughnut, plain1 ounce28-36
Doughnut, plain, chocolate frosted1 ounce28-73
Doughnut, plain, sugared or glazed1 ounce28-52
Doughnut, wheat, sugared or glazed1 ounce28-45
Doughnuts, raised, glazed1 ounce28-62
Doughnuts, cream-filled1 ounce28-16
Doughnuts, jelly-filled1 ounce28-34
Eclairs, custard filling, chocolate glazed1 ounce28-30
English muffin, cinnamon raisin1 ounce28-48
English muffin, mixed grain1 ounce28-43
English muffin, plain1 ounce28-53
English muffin, wheat1 ounce28-39
English muffin, whole wheat1 ounce28-26
French toast, frozen1 ounce28-38
French toast, homemade1 ounce28-30
Muffin, blueberry 1 ounce28-75
Muffin, blueberry, low-fat1 ounce28-59
Muffin, corn1 ounce28-63
Muffin, corn, from mix1 ounce28-53
Muffin, oat bran1 ounce28-48
Pancake, blueberry1 ounce28-38
Pancake, buttermilk1 ounce28-38
Pancake, whole wheat1 ounce28-32
Phyllo dough1 ounce28-53
Pie, apple1 ounce28-36
Pie, banana cream1 ounce28-39
Pie, blueberry1 ounce28-35
Pie, Boston cream1 ounce28-46
Pie, cherry1 ounce28-37
Pie, chocolate cream1 ounce28-61
Pie, chocolate mousse, from mix1 ounce28-38
Pie, coconut cream1 ounce28-41
Pie, coconut custard1 ounce28-33
Pie, Dutch apple1 ounce28-44
Pie, egg custard1 ounce28-24
Pie, fried, cherry1 ounce28-40
Pie, fried, fruit1 ounce28-39
Pie, fried, lemon1 ounce28-40
Pie, lemon meringue1 ounce28-63
Pie, mince1 ounce28-54
Pie, peach1 ounce28-33
Pie, pecan1 ounce28-63
Pie, pumpkin, commercial1 ounce28-26
Pie, vanilla cream1 ounce28-40
Roll, cinnamon1 ounce28-70
Roll, egg1 ounce28-49
Roll, French1 ounce28-48
Roll, hamburg or hot dog, multi-grain1 ounce28-33
Roll, hamburg or hot dog, low calorie1 ounce28-26
Roll, hamburg or hot dog, white1 ounce28-55
Roll, kaiser1 ounce28-56
Roll, oat bran1 ounce28-32
Roll, pumpernickel1 ounce28-51
Roll, rye1 ounce28-51
Roll, wheat1 ounce28-39
Roll, white (brown-and-serve)1 ounce28-61
Roll, whole wheat1 ounce28-44
Strudel, apple1 ounce28-51
Stuffing, bread, from mix1 ounce28-6
Stuffing, cornbread, from mix1 ounce28-8
Taco shell1 ounce28-86
Toaster pastry, brown sugar1 ounce28-79
Toaster pastry, frosted1 ounce28-105
Toaster pastry, fruit1 ounce28-92
Tortilla, corn1 ounce28-47
Tortilla, flour1 ounce28-51
Waffle, frozen1 ounce28-43
Waffle, frozen, multi-grain1 ounce28-42
Waffle, frozen, multi-grain, reduced fat1 ounce28-37
Waffle, homemade1 ounce28-40
Wonton wrapper1 ounce28-67
Amp8 ounces237-57
Amp, sugar-free8 ounces2372
Beef broth and tomato juice, canned8 ounces237-44
Breakfast drink, orange8 ounces237-16
Breakfast drink, orange, low-calorie8 ounces23726
Chocolate soda8 ounces237-33
Citrus juice drink, from concentrate8 ounces237-28
Clamato8 ounces237-50
Cocoa, from mix8 ounces272-93
Cocoa, sugar-free, from mix8 ounces256-45
Coconut water8 ounces237-18
Coffee, brewed8 ounces2371
Coffee, instant8 ounces2370
Coffee, substitute (Postum)8 ounces2372
Cola8 ounces237-28
Cola, caffeine-free8 ounces237-31
Cola, sugar-free8 ounces2370
Cola, sugar-free, caffeine-free8 ounces2370
Cranberry apple juice8 ounces237-34
Cranberry cocktail, bottled8 ounces237-10
Cranberry cocktail, bottled, low calorie8 ounces23732
Cranberry cocktail, from concentrate8 ounces237-33
Cranberry-apple juice, low calorie8 ounces23732
Cranberry-apricot juice8 ounces237-87
Cranberry-grape juice8 ounces237-38
Cream soda8 ounces237-51
Dr. Pepper8 ounces237-31
Espresso1 ounce300
Fruit juice drink, low sugar8 ounces237-24
Fruit punch, canned, w/ vitamins8 ounces237-9
Fruit punch, canned8 ounces237-42
Fruit juice punch, from concentrate8 ounces237-30
Fruit punch, from concentrate8 ounces237-1
Fruit punch, from mix8 ounces262-15
Full Throttle8 ounces237-59
Gatorade8 ounces237-4
Ginger ale8 ounces237-18
Grape drink, canned8 ounces237-40
Grape juice drink, canned8 ounces237-34
Grape soda8 ounces237-35
Iced tea, sugar-free, from mix8 ounces2370
Iced tea, sweetened, from mix8 ounces237-19
Iced tea, unsweetened, from mix8 ounces2370
Lemonade, from concentrate8 ounces237-33
Lemonade, from mix8 ounces2372
Lemonade, sugar-free, from mix8 ounces2373
Lemon-flavored drink, from mix8 ounces237-5
Lemon-lime soda8 ounces237-36
Limeade, from concentrate8 ounces237-56
Monster8 ounces237-27
Non-alcoholic wine8 ounces237-5
Orange drink, canned8 ounces23713
Orange juice drink8 ounces237-46
Orange soda8 ounces237-43
Orange-apricot juice8 ounces237-37
Orange-flavored drink, from mix8 ounces271-22
Pineapple-grapefruit juice8 ounces2370
Pineapple-orange juice8 ounces237-63
Pink lemonade, from concentrate8 ounces247-36
Powerade8 ounces237-10
Propel8 ounces23714
Red Bull8 ounces237-33
Red Bull, sugar-free8 ounces23719
Rockstar8 ounces237-51
Rockstar, sugar-free8 ounces23712
Root beer8 ounces237-31
Sprite8 ounces237-31
Strawberry-flavored drink, from mix8 ounces237-127
Sweetened iced tea, bottled8 ounces237-28
Tea, brewed8 ounces2372
Tea, brewed, decaf8 ounces2372
Tea, herbal8 ounces2371
Tonic water8 ounces237-18
V8 Fusion, Acai8 ounces2375
V8 Fusion, Peach Mango8 ounces237-37
V8 Fusion, Strawberry8 ounces237-40
V8 Fusion, Tropical8 ounces237-37
V8 Splash Smoothie, Peach Mango8 ounces237-37
V8 Splash Smoothie, Strawberry-Banana8 ounces237-40
V8 Splash Smoothie, Tropical Colada8 ounces237-40
V8 Splash, Berry Blend8 ounces23714
V8 Splash, Diet Berry Blend8 ounces23726
V8 Splash, Diet Fruit Medley8 ounces23726
V8 Splash, Diet Strawberry Kiwi8 ounces23726
V8 Splash, Diet Tropical Blend8 ounces23726
V8 Splash, Fruit Medley8 ounces23711
V8 Splash, Guava Passion Fruit8 ounces23711
V8 Splash, Mango Peach8 ounces2379
V8 Splash, Orange Pineapple8 ounces23714
V8 Splash, Orchard Blend8 ounces23711
V8 Splash, Strawberry Banana8 ounces23714
V8 Splash, Strawberry Kiwi8 ounces23714
V8 Splash, Tropical Blend8 ounces23714
Vault, citrus8 ounces246-54
Vault, citrus, sugar-free8 ounces2370
Vitamin water8 ounces23722
Water, fruit-flavored, artif. sweetened8 ounces2370
Almond milk, chocolate8 ounces240-29
Almond milk, vanilla8 ounces240-7
Coconut water8 ounces2400
Boost Plus8 ounces0
Carnation Breakfast Essentials, chocolate, sugar-free8 ounces0
Ensure8 ounces0
Gatorade, G28 ounces2378
Monster, low carb8 ounces23712
Muscle Milk8 ounces0
Muscle Milk, light8 ounces0
Orange juice drink, light8 ounces0
Powerade Zero8 ounces2374
Slimfast, high protein8 ounces0
Slimfast, regular8 ounces0
SoBe Energize8 ounces237-10
SoBe Lifewater8 ounces23727
Aspartame (Equal)1 Packet1-5
Chocolate, baking, unsweet'd1 ounce28-36
Chocolate, dark1 ounce28-77
Chocolate, extra dark1 ounce28-64
Chocolate, milk1 ounce28-103
Chocolate, semisweet1 ounce28-81
Cocoa powder, unsweet'd 1 Tbsp5-2
Honey1 Tbsp21-78
Horseradish, prepared1 Tsp50
Maple syrup1 Tbsp20-58
Molasses1 Tbsp21-69
Mustard, prepared1 Tsp52
Olives, black1 Tbsp95
Olives, green1 Tbsp97
Soy sauce (shoyu)1 Tbsp16-3
Soy sauce (shoyu), low sodium1 Tbsp14-2
Soy sauce (tamari)1 Tbsp18-4
Sucralose (Splenda)1 Packet1-4
Sugar, brown1 Tbsp15-77
Sugar, granulated1 Tbsp12-63
Sugar, powdered1 Tbsp8-42
Vinegar, Balsamic1 Tbsp15-7
Vinegar, cider1 Tbsp150
Vinegar, red wine1 Tbsp150
Vinegar, distilled1 Tbsp150
Agave nectar1 Tbsp21-74
Baking powder, double acting1 Tsp5-1
Cream of tartar1 Tsp3-9
Stevia1 packet10
Yeast, baker's compressed1 piece1727
Yeast, baker's dry1 Tsp419
Subway 6" roast beef on white 1 sandwich190-118
Subway 6" cold cut on white 1 sandwich196-169
Subway 6" tuna on white 1 sandwich237-11
Pizza Hut , pepperoni, thin crust1 piece80-137
Domino's , pepperoni, thin crust1 piece79-111
Domino's , sausage, thin crust1 piece78-114
Domino's , sausage, classic crust1 piece114-169
Domino's , sausage, deep dish1 piece129-190
Pizza Hut , sausage, thin crust1 piece92-148
Pizza Hut , sausage, classic crust1 piece119-169
Pizza Hut , sausage, deep dish1 piece125-190
Burger King double cheeseburger1 sandwich162-171
Wendy's double stack w/ cheese1 sandwich146-140
Wend'ys crispy chicken sandwich1 sandwich126-216
Burger King onion rings1 large142-350
Wendy's hot 'n juicy 1/4 lb burger1 sandwich215-198
Pizza Hut cheese, stuffed crust1 piece117-157
Applebee's hand battered fish1 serving250-23
Applebee's chili1 serving182-38
TGIFriday's chicken fingers1 serving225-302
Applebee's coleslaw1 serving76-15
Applebee's onion rings1 serving350-724
Applebee's chicken tenders platter1 serving209-303
Cracker Barrel fried chicken tenderloin platter1 serving175-235
Cracker Barrel coleslaw1 serving167-89
Cracker Barrel onion rings1 serving261-551
Denny's chicken strips1 serving194-277
Denny's coleslaw1 serving91-47
Denny's fish fillet, battered, fried1 serving201-29
Denny's hash browns1 serving124-137
Denny's onion rings1 serving166-357
Denny's spaghetti and meatballs1 serving565-292
Cracker Barrel macaroni n' cheese1 serving175-156
Chow mein, vegetable (w/o noodles)1 cup195-8
Lo mein, vegetable1 cup136-83
Chinese chicken with vegetables1 cup153-29